How do you deal with your teenager

Convey your expertise in life, learn the principles and skills to deal with such difficult life. Learn how to drive a car, how to choose a job, how to dispose of the money, how does he choose his college friends are the new family, and we need to accept it.. So all he does and say it will affect your son's friends in one form or another.

Hey Hey! Custodian of the Two Holy!

What this Alliance abhorrent manifestation that is between you and the neighboring countries against the sister nation-State of Qatar? And it is not guilt and unjustified! But hotharid and layout of Allah's enemies, who satisfy you with their mouths and hearts are reluctant and most lecherous. What the news crying our eyes and our hearts bleed, only disintegration? Hey custodian

Salahaddin.. By d. Mohammed Mahsoob

Salahaddin.. In 3 July 1187 The Crusaders received one of the roughest their defeats at the battle of Hattin, which led to the restoration of the Arabs of Jerusalem after nearly 100 years of occupation.. Since this date, the West has not ceased to talk about Salah al-Din and revered in the previous estimate was never repeated, it became a symbol of the noble knight who is not only courageous but […]

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