Dec 9, 2023

الإفراج عن 70 من قيادات الإخوان بالإسكندرية،

Issued a number of judges of the courts of Alexandria objections, several resolutions release 70 من قيادات الإخوان أول أمس الثلاثاء، إذ أصدرت محكمة جنح العطارين، في القضية رقم 25163 For the year 2013, a decision to release 6 Of the group's leaders, led by Syed Ahmad Mohammadi, Mahmoud Attia, and Lord Ahmed serious, legitimate members of the People's Assembly

As has been the release of all of Ali Barakat, former captain engineers Alexandria, Dr. Gamal Abdel Wahab, former captain pharmacists, Dr. Fahmi open the door professor at the Faculty of Engineering and former Dean of Engineering, and a leader Talaat Fahmy His School “Al Jazeera”.

The same court also issued the day before yesterday, Tuesday, a decision to release the lawyers behind Bayoumi largest Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria.

Issued Alexandria Criminal Court, in Case No. 19305 For the year 2013, a decision to release 25 من قيادات الجماعة، وعلى رأسهم محمد عطية مبروك.




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