Dec 11, 2023

دعوة لجمع توكيلات لإنشاء “الحزب العلماني المصري”

Egypt announced on Thursday officially for collection agencies necessary to establish the first party in the country under the secular Egyptian secular party clearly declares that the most important objectives is to fight the Islamic identity of Egypt Name.


The founders of the party and announced that it will include atheists and secularists, and that he would ask to delete everything related to Islamic law in the current Constitution, as well as the launch of the freedom of belief and atheism.


Egypt is experiencing since July coup 2013 A sustained attack on the rituals and symbols of the Islamic heritage, led by pro-regime figures, she saw in the climate prevailing in the country an opportunity to show their hatred of the Islamic character of the community.


Observers say that this explicit call for the establishment of the party contrary to the teachings of Islam comes naturally as an extension of the fierce campaign waged by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi system against Islamists – And led by the Muslim Brotherhood – And by which to link Islam with terrorism and extremism..


The fact that the definition of secularism

Hisham al-Ouf, Undersecretary of the party's founders, said that the party's goal is to support the Enlightenment calls recently taking place in Egypt, and to address what he called “Predominance of the Alliance of Al-Azhar and the Salafists” The State which fall in front of him in many situations, noting that they began two days ago to collect more than five thousand power of attorney from ten different provinces to publicize the party under the law of parties.


He knew – In statements to Al-Watan newspaper – The party now governing the campaign to promote his ideas and collection agencies needed to launch the pages and accounts that bring young agnostic on social networking sites.


The founders say they Sabdan the party's activities after its establishment media campaign in universities, sports clubs and professional associations to define the Egyptians in the true sense of the term secular away from the bad publicity that paste by Islamists throughout the decades and make it a bad word reputation.


An Egyptian secular figures – Thinker like my dream Alnmnm and other – It had demanded during the preparation of the current constitution by deleting the identity materials, but the regime refused to do so, then for fear of public criticism, according to observers.


Secularists also demanded by the abolition of the teaching of religious education in studying together and adjust the curriculum to introduce what they call Bmaat “Arab invasion of Egypt” In referred to the Islamic conquest of the country.


The abolition of religious marriage and inheritance

Confirmed press reports that the party's founders began Agencies collect the necessary two days ago, to be submitted to the Parties Affairs Committee in preparation for officially launched soon.


Hisham Auf explained that the party would demand to amend the Constitution to establish a secular constitution instead, based on citizenship, by deleting own Islamic identity materials.


The party also will call for the abolition of religious parties, led by the Salafi Nour Party and to reduce what he called Al-Azhar the trusteeship of thought and art, media and prevent interference in the political life.


On the social level, the party will demand the availability of the right of civil marriage to the Egyptians, along the lines of Western countries, along with religious marriage, also will call for the adoption of civil laws of inheritance and personal status and the abolition of the crime of defamation of religions, and the abolition of the religion from identity cards.


“Extremist party light”

For his part, denounced the shepherd Mohammed Amin organizing party revolt (under construction) The idea of ​​founding a secular party in Egypt, and said he would not be different from the light Party based on a religious basis differentiate between the Egyptians on the basis of their beliefs.


He called Shepherd – In press statements – Parties Affairs Committee to reject the secular party establishment papers and solving other religious parties, to counter extremist ideology on both sides.


It is noteworthy that another called for the creation of a secular party in Egypt was the late writer Farag Foda, who was assassinated at the hands of armed militants in 1992 After he announced his intention to create a future secular party.


In addition, the movement rejected “Secular” Join the new secular party, saying it is an intellectual movement, not political, and that freedom is left to its members to join any existing party or not.


It is not known precisely the total number of atheists in Egypt, in fear, many of them of the Declaration of his identity, but the unofficial statistics, their numbers estimated at about two million people, while the Fatwa says they do not exceed one thousand people.

the source:Arab 21

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