Dec 9, 2023

President Morsi adviser directs a message for those wishing to bypass the legitimacy

Wrote Mr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz through his in the social networking site Facebook a brief message for those wishing to overcome the return of the legitimate demand, in which he stressed not to forfeit the legitimacy, as stated in the following Tdwinth:

Gentlemen opponents of the coup, who want to bypass the legitimate, and jump on them ..
Keep up with all the strength in your endeavor, and in every way, and every time ..
Do not you stop ..
Saddle Ahilkm ..
Overstayed legitimate if you could spare ..
Aagafzoa them that you can trust it ..
But we will not do ..
And the legitimate president-elect will not do ..
President and because we do not have this right ..
Revolutionaries alone and millions of others are the ones who have this right ..
Come back to them and ask them if they have the audacity ..
Ilaaa ..
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