Dec 11, 2023


A source of security for the seventh day confirmed that Major General Habib al-Adli, the former interior minister, hit by a recruiter designated service to secure his villa located in Sheikh Zayed due out two shots from the weapon recruiter during cleaning, which led to provoke a state of panic, believing the occurrence of an armed attack on the villa. The source added, that Adly offered his complaint to a security leaders Interior Ministry, which notified the Giza Security Directorate were transferred Rookie of the service and to punish him. The Ministry of Interior has appointed a security services at the villa, Major General Habib al-Adli, located b”Compounds” In Sheikh Zayed City, and to which he moved immediately after his release procedures and leaving March Tora prison, where he has previewed and set the necessary guard for fear of targeted or suffered any terrorist operations.

the source

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