Sep 25, 2023

Refer to your days above and remember emotional moments of faith with which you yourself spirituality of faith above..
Search until you find and you'll find plenty..
Think about it well..
Enter the quietly until the controls of your being
What sound you hear..
Is it the sound of Koranic verses from throat rivalry remind you of God..
Or dim your voice and you call God..
Or buzzing sound of your chest intensity of the fear of God..
Fajr voice or a hand in a calm night
Or voice recited verses
(( Jan pain for those who believe that their hearts are subject to mention God .. ))

Feel good that voice..
What you see in the picture that Kcha position?
Is it a picture of the Koran open in front of you ..?
Or image of the Kaaba and you imagine in front of you which is connected House globe ..?
And swam to your imagination Angels parading House globe grew feeling of fear of God..
Or is the picture of the old House Taivin Then I remembered the call of Abraham..
((Praying God to live so make the hearts of people come down to them ))
Vdj your chest for fear of God..
What feeling that pain in your Kcha that atmosphere?
Sirte chills in your body in the event of sujood in the hands of the mighty?
Bmenthaha feel, Vohartk near you from God ..?
Tranquility and calm myself and my soul Ohark gently God?
Or is it not blur the Sakina Vohartk the mercy of God?
In this case that you see and hear and feel comfortable faith..
Think about this question..
Was not this case is the grace and favor from God you ..?
Bansantk feel pain and Aftrtk sound like a newborn baby ..?
Not like that this situation is that you wish to receive your Lord .. it be?
Now that you actually thought at the top of Paradise Paradise..
Are not you with me that Islam is now waiting for you to stand with him and defend him ..?
After these questions, ask yourself objectively and transparently net..
Why submitted to Islam?
Say from deep down your heart..
Lord Oaahidk not go back to what sin forget..
Lord set me to forget what good deeds..
I am proud Basalama
I am proud of my faith
I am proud Baqrana
I am proud of prophet
I am proud of my religion
Remember this case and make her emotional link reminds you of them..
Whenever yourself drifted toward sin evoked the grandeur of God Almighty
And remember that case, at that moment
You will know who you are and will return to good deeds
Seek the help of God does not fail
Pray and stability..

The heart of liquidation

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