Sep 25, 2023

خسائر الاحتلال في تزايد والبورصة الإسرائيلية تنهار

Reported “Haaretz” Hebrew newspaper on Sunday, citing economic sources in the government of the Israeli occupation that the cost of military aggression waged by the Israeli occupation forces on the Gaza Strip has reached about 2 Billion shekels, after 14 Days of fighting.
And also between the newspaper report that the economic damage and losses incurred which civilians in various cities and settlements inside occupied has reached a 1.2 Billion shekels, noting that the security system had been submitted to the Ministry of Finance request for an increase of billions of shekels in parallel with what is happening in the sector.
The paper that there is a massive differences currently prevails between the Ministry of Finance and the security of the system, due to the increased participation of armor and infantry in the fight and the decision Alkapent in order to increase the number of reservists, and the cost of day fighting has increased dramatically.
According to estimates it and before entering into a ground operation, the costs in rate per day was about fighting 110 NIS million, the newspaper quoted the Minister of Finance “Yair Lapid” Saying “Fighting is going on as long as he does not count the cost”, While Deputy Finance Minister “Mickey Levy” Billion shekels that can be tolerated, but after the decision to enter into a ground operation is going to talk about another scenario is completely different”.
While senior officials in the security system confirmed that there are almost daily talks about the cost of the fighting in the Gaza Strip, pointing out that the system faces many obstacles in light of the criticism directed against them by the Ministry of Finance.
Meanwhile, the website of the newspaper cited “Maariv” Hebrew story that collapses successive hit the Israeli stock market in various sectors, after almost completely of life in the cities of the interior occupant crashes, big and paralysis of the tourism and transportation which are considered the backbone of the Israeli economy, because of the resistance, which introduced all the cities of the Palestinian territories are all in striking distance missiles.

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