Sep 25, 2023

كتائب القسام تنشر تفاصيل عملية التسلل الرابعةAl-Qassam Brigades published a statement reported by a few details to sneak behind the occupation carried out by a group of its fighters on Monday morning in the east of Beit Hanoun area of ​​process lines, and this is the fourth landing operation carried out by the al-Qassam since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza before 15 One day.
The group said in its statement that the combat formations of elite forces Alksamip numerous Twelve-resistant, do landing behind enemy lines near the operation site 16 Military east of Beit Hanoun, indicating that the fighters were divided into two groups Kmenta to patrol an occupation, and as soon as the periodic access by strong Mrkpta leadership of the army of the enemy, put her Mqomo Qassam according to the statement between the jaws of the pliers, where fighters fired the first group shell RPG toward first pocket led to Tvhmh, then Ojhezwa approached him and all of the soldiers, while the second group clashed with the other pocket and Ojhzat of the soldiers was in it.
Then he pulled out one of the two groups and to leave the field during the process came under fire from Israeli warplanes, while the second group fought a violent clash with a private site came out of an occupation force 16 Military ended the martyrdom of its members, to move up in the process 10 Mujahideen of al-Qassam, while Mujahdan returned to their bases safely.
Israeli reports said that two groups of Palestinian militants managed to enter behind army lines occupation south of Ashkelon, in the area between “Erez” And”Naraam”.
A spokesman for the occupation army that the two groups of Palestinian fighters arrived to the area through a tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip.
Israeli media reported that Israeli police closed the streets south of Ashkelon, the army and the student population of the towns located in the areas of influence of regional councils “Hof Ashkelon” And”Poet Hnyghf” And”Eshkol” Not to leave their homes because of “Security Event”.

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