Dec 6, 2023

Salim Azzouz writes:Sisi and Shafiq .. Twined on twined!

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is afraid of his imagination, and so he enters the relentless war with Ahmed Shafik, in a manner prevented his return to Egypt, after the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi, and with that there are no legal obstacles preventing him from returning, but the inhibitor is in general takes all ship Forcibly!.

Do not bother “Sisi” A bother him as much as Ahmed Shafiq, have failed all reassuring messages that he sent the last of his exile, in that it accept his return, and is well known that if he is returned to the will of the “The only ruling”, The papers to the issue of specially prepared for the guilty, is scheduled to provide military justice, are said to be private, including irregularities in the modernization of the airport, Alanjazr most prominent career in the history of the team!.

This does not mean that the Minister of Aviation former, convicted in this case, but the law in Egypt on vacation, a political resolution and issued in a judicial formula, then the party that be undertaken by, is the military justice, which condemned by one of the Egyptian army leaders, and one of the most prominent men , and is the author of military glorious history, a team Saad El Shazly, sentence was carried out in the era of Mubarak, did not afflicting members of the military junta to imprison a military symbols, the real hero of October heroes, but he was angered by the prison Mubarak, which devastated the country over thirty years, and decimated crops and cattle, and is reduced to a false victory in October in the air strike, and the strike in its sovereignty, and raise the image of the team Chadli in military operations room, and put his image is!.

The military and the judiciary, which is issued on his rule “Mohammed al-Zawahiri” The brother of the leader of al “Al-Qaeda” Death, and when the Revolution issued a new rule eliminates the death penalty and decides innocence!.

“Shafiq” Send Messages “Platonic love” To Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, but he says Egyptian proverb “Twined on twined”, Valsasa is the author of Dictionary of the color of love, which is to develop a theoretical basis, and the book mayor, and was able to have its full confidence by President Mohamed Morsi, was plugging his ears for any word that can be said is skeptical of the “His son, Abdel Fattah”!.

wrong person

Ahmed Shafik, said in an interview earlier that when he decided to return to Cairo, will return in the morning, and will be asked to armored transport it to his home, for fear of targeting him Brotherhood. He wanted to say that in his life is threatened, and therefore will not work in politics, but the message was sent to the wrong person!.

During the last period, which sends messages of support for Cisse, and when she newspaper “sunrise” On the one hand that he received a message that a sovereign “Forget”, And it seemed clear that there is a fear, that crowded his party in parliamentary elections “Disabled”, To get a majority and then be able to form a government, and the powers of the prime minister in the most powerful of the powers of the President, then the message of the Constitution “Shafiq” Since that his party achieved in these elections will be the hinterland of the popular Cisse!.

But she told him that Abdel Fattah al-Sisi wants anyone, whether hinterland, or favor, or blessed, and then how it was Khan's boss, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, who promoted him and appointed by the defense minister, to trust in any one, no matter sent messages, and showed support and loyalty ?!

In Germany, Sisi put points on the letters, said that at the press conference held with “Merkel”, That Mohammed Morsi won the elections “Fair”.

He wanted to say that despite the fairness of these elections, the people went out, and it is managed by (51) Percent, a ratio of a modest point of view, to be the son of Arab despotism, which does not recognize the number, but the nine, in election results. The message is also said to “Shafiq”, Beyond the idea that a court order be president, as one of the scenarios presented when the presence of Sisi becomes an extra day in his position could result in the overwhelming success of the revolution, the Western circles lose control, and directing.

There were many scenarios, you may put to overthrow President Mohamed Morsi, and one of these scenarios, the judgment of the Supreme Constitutional Court lifted the legitimacy of the president, even though he was not in front of her case filed in accordance with legal regulations, but its provisions are enforceable, and that bucked the true law, and exceeded competence.. However, the siege of Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail and his supporters of the court missed an opportunity for them, and shrewd judges of the Court that things will not go easily.

Among these scenarios, is what to do “Shafiq” When challenged to circumvent the Constitution, which Fort decisions of the Judicial Committee of the dungeons to challenge them in court, and offers stabbed in front of the administrative court, in front of the Attorney General, in the outcome of the election after he had agreed to the outcome, even if the party rejected the appeal may accept other hand!.

Mubarak mentality

In the end, believe the sword was news from the books, came the military coup, because toppled the government of President-elect, in any other way would mean, that Sisi come out of the birth without Homs, and can not present himself as the “Men Shafiq”, Because it really is not his men, Valsasa was close to Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the defense minister, and in the trench, adopts the accounts, and among these accounts is that it is not on the harmony with the former chief of staff “Sami Annan”, And”Annan” Was showing loyalty to the revolution after Mushir, he knows that he can stroke of a pen “Wearing Pyjamas”, But what was the conspiratorial mindset and security Kaakulaih Mubarak, to be his defense minister and army chief of staff in sync!.

Morsi, who just did it, as if to establish a branch of the group “Call and Report”, And not the authority of runs in the destruction of souls time, Valsasa he chose his chief of staff. And Sisi is chosen from the Minister of Interior for shared in the coup then. And Sisi is chosen from the Republican Guard commander, who betrayed his principles and the military handed over to the president after his captors!.

To know how he runs things Mubarak Take this!.

Kamal al-Ganzouri, has served as prime minister, after “Man pool” He “Atef Sedki”And was Ganzouri Fahimn authoritarian government, came the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers was insulting and Asabhm father and mother, and treat them in Cglman tiles!

“Ganzouri” Was addressing Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi by his abstract, Arise, O Hussein, Hussein spoke Hey, what do you think, O Hussein?. It was not “Tantawi” Enjoy any military prestige, and that is chosen by Mubarak after personal beloved stage within the army and the last of the Free Officers in power “Abd al-Halim Abu Ghazala”, Fbadh Mubarak appointed Governor of Cairo team “Youssef Sabri Abu Taleb” The defense minister, Field Marshal Tantawi then!.

Pursuant to “Ignite sedition policy” Between those who work in the Balata which was adopted by the deposed, said the defense minister on how to accept yourself that your name Akhatabk Ganzouri abstract, and you assume the rank of Field Marshal!.

Tantawi and escorted a number of officers, and entered the office in the Ganzouri cabinet full of explosives, and the face and left him an ultimatum: “Do not tell me, O Hussein again.. My rule of Field Marshal”.

No sooner had up to his office in Bridge dome, until he found a telephone call from Mubarak asks the audience for the presidency, and there taking asking him about the detail of what happened, like a child enjoy Bhdoth bedtime!.

Says the narrator, who is close to Tantawi, sensed that the man after his release from Mubarak's office that he represents a role in the film “Cartoon”. Vtozy between him and himself, he was not able to announce in front of people Tove!.

Friendliness missing

between “Tantawi” And”Shafiq” Dr. missing, if you will, tell It is a state of non- “Alastmlah”, The same that was between “Tantawi” And Director of the General Intelligence Brigade “Omar Soliman”, Which was “Tantawi” Speaking keen in him, or with him, or in his absence in his presence, to mention rank, P “Maj. Gen.” Omar, Where “Maj. Gen.” Omar, gold “Maj. Gen.” Omar ?, to confirm that the shrines reserved, her mouth was near “Omar Soliman” من مبارك، ومهما كانت الأدوار التي يقوم بها، وحتى وإن كان على درجة الوزير، فهو “Have no” While that “Tantawi” Holds a top military rank “Marshal”!

Lack of affection which govern the relationship between the “Marshal” And”the first team” Ahmed Shafiq was well understood by Mubarak, and part of it is due to pride “Shafiq” By himself, as it was believed that adult Builders, especially after the renovations set up by at the airport, and is said to have roles in the army in the building, I'm not familiar with them but they made it senses that something important. This has increased the outstanding relationship with the deposed president, a relationship does not deny, did not use the incident took place for trading out of this relationship when they were taken and threatened him and his presence as prime minister after Mubarak step down!.

He refused “Shafiq”, Mubarak asked the hand of one of his daughters to his son “Beauty”, In a way did not affect the relationship between them, and did not prevent the continuation and aviation minister, then prime minister chosen to absorb the anger of the street in the January revolution, having apologized “Tantawi” For office!.

And the sensitivity of the situation, was Mubarak's instructions to the media, not to mention the rank “Shafiq” Military, taking into account the sensitivity of the situation for “Marshal” Tantawi, and the instruction that precedes the title of his name “Doctor”. Chairman of the news in Gaza says the Egyptian TV “Abdul Latif Manaawi” In his memoirs, and this was the first time that we know where that “Shafiq” He holds a degree “Ph.D.”. Is he actually holds them?!

Revolutionaries of Marshal Tantawi has provided old service, which was launched revolutionary Baltgeleat after Mubarak step down, asking to drop the head of government appointed by ousted!

It is a logical call, it is not logic to fall Mubarak is not waived his government appointed, but the military junta appointed by Mubarak, too, was not the rebels had stood on his plot against the revolution yet, and I think that if the amount of Shafiq to continue as prime minister, to stop the Mushir Kalshokh in “Al-Zour”, Or in “Throat”!.

The demonstrations demanding the overthrow “Shafiq”, Who headed the government in “Battle of the Camel”, With that Abdel Fattah al-Sisi member of the military council, who had come to “Tahrir Square” On this day, cleared the field and to ensure safe access for the horses, mules and donkeys, to express their support for Mubarak after his famous statement, which called for the Bamhala in his position until the end of his term next September not to not run for a new term!.

Ahmed Shafiq resigned, and was appointed a member of the military council of the ruling party and former Minister of Transport “Essam Sharaf” And the loan was “Tahrir Square”, As the next prime minister of the field, and participated many of the symbols and all directions in the introduction of fraud on the people, and was thus distinguishes “Honor” He does not figure, in a manner of making the Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi is the ruling ordering!.

When he started talking about the presidential election, if no friendliness emerged between “Shafiq” And”Tantawi”And even it appeared significantly between “Omar Soliman” And”Shafiq”!.

he was “Shafiq” Offers and delay other men, waiting to encourage or reluctance of the military council for his candidacy, and was read in the newspapers that “Omar Soliman” He decided to run recedes, and falls “Suleiman” He declares that he will run in the election, those close to him and was told that if the candidacy “Suleiman” It will not run, without bringing them together to determine the position of meeting.

The Odhanah wait, he went to the Marshal asking him to clarify his position towards him, do with his candidacy or not ?, but he received a reply fluid, the response of the minimum required: “I would not be against him”, As they are not against a candidacy. This was not true, and the proof that what is reported by the Brotherhood is that if he insisted “Hazem Salah Abu Ismail” Do not stand on the presidential election, one of the he was destined to succeed without resetting, and in the first round, which was “Sarah Alebatta” According to the mystic expression, which inevitably rejected by Bsalafith Brotherhood, has filled throughout unguarded, before Afq their mind about the legal inhibitor of that his mother took US citizenship.

Omar Suleiman hesitation, there was no time in introducing Ahmed Shafiq, before progressing Solomon Btukelath later and being left out of the decision of the election commission because agencies were not complete in terms of numbers in some provinces.

Shafiq win

If not apathy, it is to govern the relationship “Ahmed Shafiq” And member of the Military Council and Chief of Staff “Sami Annan”, And that the latter had told him his victory in the presidential elections, prepare to convene a press after the announcement of the Supreme Committee for the win, and you've learned that moved in the previous day to stay in a hotel to hold a press conference as president in one of the halls, and I was in this period assume the presidency editor “Liberals” The colleagues who commissioned the task of covering the press conference Judiciary Committee, called me from there before the start of the conference, to tell me that they are following the announcement of the result will go to where Shafiq come down to attend the conference with journalists who will be transferred from there to the SIS!.

The Judiciary Committee had been delayed for four days on the legal scheduled date for announcing the result of the elections, and spread a lot of talk about the arrest of employees of the printing presses princely They falsifying papers in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, and despite the heavy deployment has contacted Bmassadra there, which officially announced that no one be arrested any workers, OBD official body presses defense in the case of clear, surpassing being an employee can overthrow him, declared that Mtabah is not the only presidential election that marked papers, there is also a Police Press. It is the word I mean, if there was fraud in the other direction would be that the police can and printing presses that are subject to him.

كانت حملة الرئيس محمد مرسي قد أعلنت فجراً فوز مرشحها بالأرقام، وجاء بيان لقضاة من أجل مصر، معلناً هذه النتيجة، وحشد الإخوان رجالهم في ميدان التحرير ليرهبون بهم المجلس الأعلى للقوات المسلحة إن فكر في تزوير إرادة الشعب.

One day in doubt, move me to one of the members of the military council, was on a visit to his village and there gathered around him asking him to result from “Alkntrul” As one of the country's rulers, and after “Prevent”, He said to them, what they do not need to clarify: “We are in the military council will not give the military salute to a civilian”. The run-off between Morsi and Shafiq!

Though the days have proved that it was not “The public domain” In the junta, it was between boss “Tantawi” And those close to him, was not among them “Sami Annan”, Or this “Person”!.

US message

Since then taught him will not “Tantawi” Who has the ability to announcement of the result is the truth, and the American message in the case of foreign funding unmistakable eye significance!.

Egypt, as I woke up one day, on the issue of accusing the Egyptians and the Americans in what is known issue of foreign financing and issued a judicial decision preventing them from traveling, in the light-hearted behavior, increased Ronth, taken from that did not have the ability to protect him!.

Mubarak was quoted in the hospital who is serving a period of incarceration was surprised, and said that “Tantawi” Can not provide on this issue, he knows that Egypt interference aid in exchange for allowing a portion of them to civil society organizations, and was told to stop behind the issue is military intelligence chief “Abd alfatah alsisi”, Part of his plan to discredit the revolution, and the foreign funds to confirm that the Revolution was financed from abroad, and I have no information about who did it!.

Moderated by the Americans, the dialogue with the new power diplomatically, it seemed clear that they considered it a sign of weakness!.

They told them we ask the accused not represented in the cage, because they entered the death, and according to US law may be fined the accused before his conviction, and that they review the Egyptian law has stood on that there's no binding text, and therefore all that we ask to be seated in the hall in the first rows.

The response to this from the authority of the judge, and can not be contacted or to interfere in its decisions. It was clear that the military council, and in the face of this American flexibility, decided to gain popular support to this cause in the street.

The rebels have returned to Tahrir Square chanting the fall of military rule, Tantawi and went down to the street in the downtown area and near “Tahrir Square” A civil suit and shook hands with the fans do not lose a significant eye!.

One night after the rally on Tahrir Square, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, announced that he could turn to the people of Astftih the issue of the continuation of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in power.

Hue “Diaa Rashwan”, And was a supporter of the new rule, The Marshal put the youth revolution in “Here's box”, He knows the people love him, even resorted to a referendum, you will get the support of an overwhelming popular. I wrote: We did not come to leave their referendum referendum!.

The issue that I want them to handle it represents “National pride” To the rule of the military junta it turned into a scandal of the caliber of this provision!.

It was clear that the US side found that the negotiations will not fit with the style of the people, was the decision to transfer a leading role in the new power: The United States sent a plane to Cairo Airport to take the Americans, now in the Egyptian airspace not Tdfonna to her that the landing at the US Embassy. Where they were accused by the Americans!.

When the US plane landed at Cairo airport, it was clear they carry devices paralyzed movement on the ground and in the air space, and were called the President of the Cairo Court of Appeal to cancel the decision to prevent them from traveling, in violation of the law, did not the judge who issued the ban, he has rejected this judge that tampering in its decisions, or to be a plaything for this class.

What to do?

What happened was present in the mind of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, when collecting his Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri and his Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim “the first”, Along with four members of the military council, put them asked before a run-off between “Morsi” And”Shafiq”: What if the Brotherhood succeeded?!.

Ganzouri commented: Be calamity!.

He asked Tantawi: What is in our hands to do?!

The view of the interior minister, that there 280 The leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood at the central level and in the provinces if they have been arrested, crippled the ability of the group to act!.

According to the source, under the Marshal heard of plans to address the third hour of the afternoon to sixth, a silent, before telling them: It seems you did not take some lunch after Let Us. وهب واقفاً.

There was a table may be erected in the meeting room, and before you leap and standing and after that to hear plans to address the confrontation and told them that the Americans will not allow rigging the result that they may impose a ban on her watch Egypt, you can not fly a plane above the ground Shubra!.

On their way to the table erected, the anger has reached the extent of the President of the government, he spoke in a low voice with Interior Minister: “This little trick man” Intended “Tantawi” We asked our opinion and he knows that he will not be able to do something.

I think that the perception that America would not agree, was present at the perceptions of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi “Doubt days”, But he needs to be guarantees for the announcement of the result, and perhaps was waiting for the western position, probably the two things together.

In these days the Brotherhood in “Tahrir Square” Make their rallying cries sky, and the group has expanded its alliances circle and held with a number of symbols of the Revolution Meeting Hotel “Vermont” Famous, to deliver a message to the military council that they are not alone.

And the dissemination of the role played by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the group's leaders and Field Marshal Tantawi, and without details, did not say what took place in these meetings and in shuttling ElBaradei!.

I have the context of the statement of the President of the Supreme Committee for Elections, it is written to declare victory “Shafiq”, But the surprise was despite the introductions is declared winner “Morsi”, Was the result of acceptance, after the Commission investigated the appeals that presented “team”, It was discovered that the right noises “Morsi” It caused an error in not benefited them, is up for phrase added its votes.

But in thinking about the removal of President Mohamed Morsi scheme was the claim judicially that the forged elections, were vaccinated appeal by presenting once administrative judiciary and other public prosecutor, and called the latter an investigative judge, but signed a coup, came the rule of the administrative judiciary lack of jurisdiction, because the decisions of the Supreme Committee immune from challenged them before the courts by the Constitution.

Story investigating judge

But the crisis erupted investigating judge, the man has surprised everyone by press statements that he did not end of the Declaration of his decision, and able to read between the lines, it is understood that his decision will come that “Shafiq is the President”, This was not required!.

عبثاً حاول رئيس محكمة الاستئناف السابق إفهامه أن الموضوع انتهى، لكنه بدا في حالة تمرد خطرة، ولعله كان في حكم القاضي الذي استدعي لإصدار قرار بمنع المتهمين الأمريكيين من السفر، وكان في قرارة نفسه يعلم أنه ينصاع لتوجه سياسي ربما يبرر لنفسه بأنه يحافظ على الأمن القومي للبلاد، لكن كان له سقف في التنازل عن كبريائه القضائي فرفض تعليمات أخرى بإصدار قرار يسمح لهم بمغادرة البلاد!.

President of the Court of Appeal did not find seemed to cancel the decision of the Director scar investigating judge to investigate the communication “Ahmed Shafiq” Of rigging the presidential election, and stabbed the judge in the decision to cancel the mandate, in front of the circle “men”, Or the Department of appeals judges the Court of Cassation, and was issued a decision on Taan has come out of retirement, and the judgment is not permissible to cancel the mandate, but when the director ends of the mission, which was seconded for her. He returned judge “Shafiq stabbed”, To announce that he is nearing the completion of his report!.

We have confiscated a newspaper in the printing press, because it had published the report, it does not make sense to be confiscated, that the report concluded that the elections were fair and that really the winner is Mohamed Morsi, this does not represent a threat to the legal position of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who admits that Morsi is the legitimate president excreted fair elections, but the people came out it, Vanhaz army of the people because it was discovered that “This people did not find it Ihno”!.

It was to cover up the subject of the appeal, we do not know Is the silence of the judge, or forced to silence, or instructions issued to the media not to publish his words?!

Since the days, Ahmed Shafik said that the judge in his decision to end health decision to declare the result of the presidential election, does this actually happened, and why it can not be the judge of this Declaration of himself, and why the media did not publish this decision?!

Is what he said “Shafiq” Right?.. Or is he said in the messages “Platonic love” And love of one party, such as Shafiq's comments that Sisi is the future of Egypt?!.. And it is aimed at what he said he would hand over Butti file against the electoral fraud that allowed him to return?!.

Rotate the coup

Take the issue of rigging the presidential election, and the paper in the hands of the coup externally and internally circles when the decision is “Rotate the coup”, But it is clear that Sisi burn the ground under their feet do not have in front of them, but it is, and maybe they thought in this period had believed the coup circles internally that there is no choice but to hold in Sisi and lick him tightly, because it lacks the popular will, which represents her in the hope of Islamists win elections when the decision is fair elections, Vthompskt force of arms represented by Sisi.

But Sisi failure and became both his master Ali. His master of the Gulf, the US and his master, especially since it did not succeed in anything, these departments did not expect that all this time he can not suppress the revolution, even after it has been turning a blind eye to the massacres that will continue for a long time to haunt the conscience of mankind remains.

It has been allowed to remain in office for life, but at a certain moment will be isolated necessity, if intensified revolutionary movement, in a manner scare these circuits of the success of the revolution would not be in this rational or dreamy time, and you will lose the United States influence, which is accused by rebels under the auspices of the coup, turning a blind eye to his crimes, and allow brute military force that racked the completion of the revolution of January of the election of a civilian president.

Diphtheria Sisi has intensified on young people, Vidfh to despair of peace, so the choice is to engage in the organization as an organization State, which achieves relatively achievements in Iraq and Syria, as it will enable him to take revenge for himself, and for his dignity, of the military machine brute, and if the goal of the West, is to protect the Israel's security Vhamaitha be in the presence of the national state and not in weakness, or Atralha to allow the work of such organizations, which does not know the direction will be the next destination, and Israel, a stone's throw!.

In Syria, the problem lies in the lack of alternative, acceptable to Israelis and then US was the continuation of Bashar al-Assad, as it is not in the interest of all parties that Egypt is turning to Syria, especially since the alternative is, from the standpoint of the coup regional and international circles when it is on this circuit that precedes Revolution-by-step or two steps, before the explosion of the situation.

And look-outs of the coup forces, not to have the lowest willingness to resolve with the presence of Sisi, permission has to be a person fit to agree, and that person is now to “Lieutenant General Sami Annan”, Talking about the point of view of these departments and this is not the meaning that this solution would be acceptable to the legitimate powers.

This compatibility was not acceptable, and found the people themselves in front of the early presidential election option, which must be fair even satisfactory to all parties, it will not be in front of one option posed by Islamists, who may win a majority in the parliamentary elections, it would be their right to form a government, and acquisitions to the Legislative Council, and there are external sensitivity of their control over the whole political scene.

And”Shafiq” Here is “horse” Circles coup “Winner”, It enjoys the advantage only for Cisse at some of the common folk, in terms of being a member of the military establishment, which is now outside you will not reign of Askar attributed the negative side, have we moved away from the revolution of January, and the Mubarak regime, will not some find sensitivity in the election belongs to the Mubarak regime.

Prior to this it is representative of the deep state, which was not eager to Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, not because it is the best but because he could not provide the same as in the level and Garha formal, perhaps the fit stage drummer of the Policy Committee, Valtoaad dancing This enters the door “The lack of value”, As well as that of belonging to this country and after that I went ecstasy and replaced the idea fell “Sisi myth” In their eyes, and the truth emerged miserable, no charisma, no social relevance!.

“Shafiq”, His experience, has fought electoral task, even though it was part of the thirteen candidates, have been able to contest the run-off, and even though it was an expression of the counter-revolution, we have got the 49 Percent of the vote, with that we were newcomers to the revolution, where a single candidate from the ruling party was not able to win the membership of the parliament, before that.

This is understood by all “Sisi”And antecedents in the conspiracy, it would not be subject by saying, and it was natural to be angry “Shafiq”, And looked through intimations offered by the channel “Capital” For an interview with him, he abandoned caution and became a storm, threatening, he describes Sisi enemy without naming him; it can not be a leader like him to deliver his neck to his enemies, when asked about which prevents his return to Egypt!.

In the face of so shaky authority it intervened and prevented broadcast the meeting, and when they turned to crime prevention, he began to think about the subject of careful editing and televised.

Ahmed Shafik has returned to the Messages “Platonic love” He introduced his resignation from the presidency of the party which he founded, and which is a source of fear “Sisi” Of the parliamentary elections, there you will find the message acceptable to the coup leader.

Vmbrom what Brom not wrapped.. Popular proverb says Adapted!

the source : Arabic 21

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