Mar 4, 2024

The Washington Post: Sisi empty promises and the state of repression in Egypt

Reported “The Washington Post” In an editorial that the main tone used by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi with his supporters in the Obama administration, the only being, accompanied by his regime backed by the military, who is capable of ending the threat of Islamic extremists, and to prevent his country with the 90 Million from becoming a failed State.
And it remedied that with the opening of the second anniversary of the bloody coup, carried out by the al-Sisi against a democratically elected government approaching, the facts are clear and can not be refuted, and show that Egypt turn into a more violent and less stable country.
The paper points out that in the first four months of 2015, more than 200 People have been killed in terrorist attacks, according to Liberation Institute for Middle East Policy. The number of accidents has increased from 27 In the month of October / October to 112 In April / May, according to data released by “Atlantic Chaonsl”. And the terrorists targeting teachers ushers this month, including the pyramids at Giza and the Temple of Karnak in Luxor.
And remember that the opening of the Egyptian army claims to have carried liquidation 866 An element of group “Ansar Bait al-Maqdis”, Affiliated with the state regulation in the Sinai, in the period between October / October and the end of the month of May / May. Afterthought that there are no indications that the decline in the attacks, according to a report “Atlantic Chaonsl”.
The paper draws that there are many reasons for the deterioration of security, including the Egyptian army's poverty appropriate tactics and the collapse of morale..
Opening view, that failure is most visible is the Suppression of Sisi system which does not distinguish, is targeted not only militant jihadists, but also targeted secular liberals, activists and human rights organizations, and critical journalists, and anyone else bother generals. Noting that peaceful protest all practically, there are large numbers of prisoners for participating in peaceful demonstrations.
The paper notes that more targeted repression are the Muslim Brotherhood, who won in several free elections in Egypt in the period between the People's Revolution in 2011 The coup. The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the oldest Islamic groups in the Middle East, and most influential, had renounced violence decades ago.
And remember that, according to the opening of the National Council for Human Rights semi-official statistics, the 1250 in between 1800 Civilians, who were killed in the period that followed the coup until the end of 2014, are Muslim Brotherhood.
The paper explains that Sisi claims that the Brotherhood does not differ from the jihadists, he said to the journalist's Lally Weymouth of newspaper “The Washington Post” In March / March: “Brotherhood are spiritual father of terrorist movements”. The judges are loyal to the system of governance to death more than a hundred of the movement's leaders, including former President Mohamed Morsi trumped-up charges of terrorism. However, the rest of the leadership of the movement, who are mostly in exile, say they still reject violence.
And the movement of the opening for the Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood, Amr rider, as telling the newspaper during his visit to Washington last week: “The Muslim Brotherhood was very clear in this regard, we are against any form of violence, it is very practical perspective, we do not want to go through what our country is going through Syria and Iraq”.
The newspaper reports that the rider admitted that he got “sliding” In the orientation of Egyptian youth to violence, he said,: “There is a real sense of anger and desire for revenge, and when you close all the political and peaceful ports, you leave some young people feel they have no choice”.
And stamped “The Washington Post” Referring to an editorial that the world has witnessed a lot of repetition of similar cases of what is happening in Egypt, where violent system that generates greater violence. The paper says that, unfortunately, the Obama administration supports and incite Sisi, the US administration has renewed its grant, amounting to more than a billion dollars, and this is what it considered opening error began the bloody results show more clearly.

the source : Arabic 21

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