Dec 4, 2023

" New York Times: In serial " ghetto" The bad guys are the Muslim Brotherhood

Wrote “The New York Times” Hanging on the Ramadan series that display this month in Egypt, and drew attention series “Jewish Quarter”, Which speaks of the Jewish community in Egypt, and their relationship to the state of Israel, and the position of the Egyptian society of the Jewish people and the relationships between them.
The writer says David Kirkpatrick at the beginning of his report that “Scene is the Jewish quarter in Cairo in 1948, and the Laila Haroon news to her parents, Moses has decided to immigration to the new state of Israel, despite the war with Egypt and its Arab allies. Leila and scream in the living room brilliant: (Your son is a traitor). It adds: (Onjpettmah have to be a Jew is not a Jew Egypt and Israelis, and will not be”.
The paper says that was uncovered by Leila begins central events in the series everyone is talking about in Egypt among the TV series that displays in Ramadan, a series “Jewish Quarter”, which “Surprised Egyptians sympathetic to treat him with the Jews of Egypt and filmed warm for his opposition to Zionism”.
The report points out that the bad guys in the series are the Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and not the Jews, and the most prominent love Leila officer for the Egyptian Muslim, which is celebrated as a hero warm inside. Has been deleted Egyptian army's role in the expulsion of the Jews from Egypt, during the rule of Gamal Abdel Nasser, it has been completely neglected in the series.
It is noteworthy that the writer seventh episode of the series total 30 Ring offered on Tuesday, and is the first series of its kind to be produced in Egypt for more than 60 Years, has provided the Jewish rituals and prayers in the synagogue, and traditions to which they belong Saturday.
The paper shows that, unlike anti-Semitic tone that marked Egyptian television for decades, commended the Israeli embassy in Cairo on the first episodes of it. Wrote hung on the page Embassy in”Facebook”: “Jews appears in the real humanitarian situation and they are human beings first and foremost, and we welcome this”.

Kirkpatrick commented that after four years of turmoil, including the Arab Spring revolution that promised to end the tyranny, backed by the army, and the return of the military two years ago, and the overthrow of the Islamic President-elect, the episodes of the series sparked a sharp debate about Egypt and the Jews. In addition to talking about the situation of the Jews in Egypt we have been talking about the identity of Egypt, both open cosmopolitan or religious nationalism.
According to the report, which translated “, That some praised the “Jewish Quarter” Of celebrating the values ​​of participatory Assembly that prevailed during the monarchy, backed by Britain, and they saw the Jews in Egypt diagnosis liberal culture destroyed by Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The newspaper remedied that many have attacked the series, and the language of anti-Semitic and clear, as it “Jews showed that they are better than the Egyptians”, Also commented on the scenes of the series on the page “Facebook”. Some expressed their opposition to the issue of Muslim marriage of a Jewish officer, relationship of love between them is part of the plot of the series.
It also points out that the writer On the other hand, Islamists and others have argued that the series reflects the strong relationship between Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Israel regime against the forces of political Islam since the overthrow of President-elect Mohamed Morsi.
The report indicates that the channel “Al Jazeera” Have been suspended this week in a report on the Israeli press reception of the series, she dealt with him on that “The fruit of the new era in Egyptian-Israeli relations after the coup”. And some Israeli newspapers have linked the strong relationship between the Cisse and Israel in opposing the Islamic movements. A woman in the report: “How is broadcast this series for the Islamic world and Muslim country, despite the fact that they are preparing the enemies of Muslims?”.
The paper lists that was left of the Jewish community in Egypt only a few, and criticized the head of the community Majida Aaron serial exaggeration in depicting the rich Jews and warm where they live, and not to put the Torah in the synagogue, also criticized the uniforms of the Jewish girl who appeared in dress detector and inappropriate. She said that “Perhaps the clothes and short skirts at the time, but a hole in the side of the thigh? I don't believe in that”.
Kirkpatrick is noteworthy that the leftists have accused those in charge of the series presented a false picture of the ex-communists, and portray them as Zionists in secret, a charge the Islamists and face them and their national competitors. Aaron said, that her father was a communist on the front page in “Facebook” The series depicts Jews as Communists “Manipulating the minds of the Egyptians to convert them to Zionism”.
According to the report, the Nazarenes and the army Ihzawn treatment is best in the series. According to the historical facts that the Nazarenes and the Patriots were the ones who led the resistance against the State of Israel. In “new Egypt” Army factor is supported by Jews in Cairo as a scapegoat.
The newspaper remedied that series omits the role of Jews in the national war, and the entire cast blame on the Muslim Brotherhood, and points out that the group was interested in blowing up Jewish neighborhoods more than a fighter Israel. And pictures of the group's founder Hassan al-Banna in the series as a joke, he said “Jihad is not in Palestine, but Jihad here is nothing less than the jihad there”. In tone nominate them conspiracy theory Banna calls for the prohibition of Coca-Cola, the sale of character carries the maximum image, and worth a penny to the Egyptians and in favor of Jihad in Palestine.
And transmits the serial writer for a way out and a nephew Starter Serial Justice Mohammed as saying that he is not convinced the role of Abdel Nasser in the expulsion of the Jews from Egypt, is Abdel Nasser but the episodes end before coming to power, and this “I can not tell you anything about something I do not know”, And corrects: “However I doubt this”. He said he was surprised by the support of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo for rings “Vahalqat do not support the Israelis, but against them, Israel is the first enemy of Egypt”, But stressed that “Jewish Quarter” It was honest with history.
The report notes that the series is one of the series that are displayed in Ramadan, and on more than one station at different hours of the day and night. Series episodes have been characterized in previous Ramadan seasons of anti-Semitism, and the best known “Horseman Without a Horse” (2002), Which was based on the book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And”Raafat El Hagan” (1988) A series Jasusa. And Comedy “Band Naji Atallah” (2011), A guard for the Egyptian Embassy in Israel burgles a bank there in retaliation for the occupation of the Palestinian territories.
The paper explains that the name of the series came from the warm, which was inhabited by Jews in Cairo. The series depicts the coexistence between Muslims and Jews in the beginning, where everyone synagogue resort to escape the Israeli raids. And begins a love story between the Jewish and Laila Ali, who goes to the battlefield and then come back a hero, but throwing the Israelis arrested and tortured him. In the course of this Moses, the brother of Leila sneaking into Israel and become a settler. And then a campaign of violence against the Jews begins, led by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Kirkpatrick cites that despite playing the series on a typical Jewish greed, however, a lecturer at Stanford University in the US Joel Benin, who wrote about the history of Jews in that period, says he is closer to the facts than anything previously appeared in the mass media Egyptian. He says that “Most of the Jews in Egypt, the Egyptians considered themselves first and are not Zionists”.
And stamped “The New York Times” Referring to what she said lucite Agando to Judaism who was born in Egypt, has written memoirs “Man suit Alhriksen”, The series' popularity stems from the desire to return to the days of the old harmony, pointing out that the deletion of the role of Abdel Nasser “Is a problem, is not it, to all those who suffered directly under the rule of Abdel Nasser”.

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