Dec 9, 2023

Abul-Ghar: Brotherhood Sivbhonna if Sisi failure

President of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, said Mohamed Abou El-Ghar: “If President Sisi Henrouh shrewd they all failed, and the Muslim Brotherhood in the streets Hedbhona”, As described.
This came in statements made by Muhammad Abu Laurel newspaper “Thursday”Egyptian weekly published Thursday 25 June this.
And it embodies what uttered by Abu Laurel “A state of fear” Spread rapidly among the supporters of the military coup in Egypt, especially those who belong to the liberal elite, who supported the coup, and stood with him against democracy, against the Muslim Brotherhood, which is either in power, and even when they are outside.
He said Abu laurel in his remarks, saying: “Sisi need a strong parliament examines and discusses and offers solutions, have enabled it to work to correct the errors, not a parliament applauding the peacock, and Alumblyan, and thus problems crop up, and growing up, and get into a dark tunnel”.
He stressed that Abu Laurel “Parliament is strong supporter of the president, parliament and applause brings us back to the end of the Mubarak era, so we demand that the proportional list system is the optimal system for the parliamentary elections, in which Parliament introduces a respectable personalities capable of defending the people's rights”.
He added: “Always interested in the security authorities that control the Parliament, the House of Representatives, and historically this fixed, and the last time was in the names of them are no “Block” From security to prevent them from entering the Parliament, so it was not tailor circles, or electoral fraud”.
He warned that the elections will lead to a system of individual control of the security agencies on the House of Representatives, and”It seems that the political will does not want the existing system”, According to the saying.
It was to be the current regime does not want political parties grow bigger, and have a real role in the political life of the development, and the development of Egypt in general.
He continued: “Although the President Sisi met with political parties, twice, and each time he listens well, and be quiet, and to accommodate everyone, but it seems that the president is working in the direction of, and others work in the opposite direction completely”, As described.
The Abu Laurel recently told At a dialogue with newspaper “Pyramids” Close to the Egyptian regime- That the Brotherhood will return to the scene after perhaps years, and this terrifies everyone, it has ruled Egypt, and will succeed in the elections, perhaps after ten years, according to the saying.
The Abu laurel an anti-rule of President Mohamed Morsi, and the Muslim Brotherhood, was also a member of the Salvation Front, which included the losers in the elections to the Brotherhood, and was one of the advocates of demonstrations 30 June, supported the coup Chairman Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in his coup, so he appointed a member of the Association for the development of the fifty-Constitution, appointed by the military.
And Mohamed Abul-Ghar doctor, an Egyptian political activist, one of the founders of the movement 9 March of the independence of universities, and member of the National Association for Change, days of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, and founded his own party after the revolution 25 In January, as it is one of the members of the Board of Trustees “Sawiris Foundation for Social Development”.

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