Dec 4, 2023

Useful: Brotherhood will return stronger than they were

Dr. Hassan explained useless professor of political science at Cairo University, the Muslim Brotherhood had a lot of tribulations throughout its history, may have been more severe than it is now, however, they managed to survive through covert action, even returned to life stronger than they used to be

The beneficial told German television Deutsche Welle that the security strikes alone will not be sufficient to eliminate the Brotherhood, will not weaken the group's happening until the establishment of a genuine democratic system can accommodate for all, and is able to lift the country out of the current crises

He pointed out that the coup policy will make future developments are in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, and will pave the way for her return again, because that means staying in secret organizations that the existing system is unable to solve the political, economic and social problems comes strong alternative role, which is what happened during the seventies and after revolution 25 January

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