Dec 4, 2023


Alaa al-Aswani said in a tweet on “Twitter”: “Conducted my apartment to someone tore decade, and took over the apartment, called the policeman drove the tenant, and took over the apartment, and my right Sontzaa full, not regret socialist in 30 June”.
If you are referring to the apartment in January revolution, what is the cheapest of the revolution, and hide him from suspension, this great revolution is losing the moral essence of pure, turning it into something trivial, not worth a drop of blood on one of his martyrs, they were sure that they are struggling and fighting for a clean home and humane and fair.
First of all, thank God that you are considered flat, and not “Boutique” Clothing imported, or “booth” Selling refreshments and cigarettes, though the rent and investment logic does not differentiate between large building Yacoubian Building and the size of economy-housing apartment, or a mattress on the sidewalk earning them Chapman.
Second: I think you realize, if we accept as flat as you like, they were not days of your apartment on your own, it does not represent a flat stream of intellectual or political, but rather was a revolution (Apartment) All Egyptians, from the different currents and trends, as there preferred to Egypt an Egyptian, but his dedication to this noble revolution that stop her whole world, out of respect and honor and recognition of the purity and spontaneity and attended, without distinction between the liberal and socialist Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi, worker and the farmer and the student and the intellectual and the artist.. Thus, it not right you alone conducted Thortk to Mohamed Morsi, the next president of the mantle of the Muslim Brotherhood, very logical reasons, in the forefront of that revolution Egypt is not Balaptmal to the point that we are dealing with the logic of the apartment.. More importantly, if they were, the share of Mursi and his group, as partners, where, at least a share of the rest of the collaborators and traitors who are total participants in the epic January.
I repeat what I said before nine days “Shafiq revolution and ulna and Akasha, Moses, Sama and the army, police and intelligence” Which say that you do not regret participating in, and remind you that the January revolution was complementary to the economies of anger and protest in which all the political spectrum participated, was one element in common, is to insist on getting rid of Mubarak's regime. Therefore, Chemistry Revolution was founded on the elements of the left-wing and right-wing and liberal and Islamic, united against “Mubarakiya”.
And also: And it indicates the date that the first millionth citizen that hit the state cracking Mubarak was coming from the One Million Signatures Campaign to demands for change that no one can deny that about two-thirds of this figure came from the mobilization of the Muslim Brotherhood to sign it.
Therefore, when one comes to exclude the Islamists out of the scene, and converts them into mortal enemies, after they were intimate partners, then says he complements the mother of the revolution, it will be here in a feud with the simplest rules of political common sense.
And if he went far beyond, and put the remnants of state Mubarak and his place of origin Revolution partners, it is, here, in terms of my intention, or did not come into, be in the bosom of the counterproductive negative revolution, explicitly say “Counter”.
Dear: Revolution is not a poker game, and they do not know the language of their tools and professional, it can not afford to imagine that a hard alone “the Joker”And is entitled to change and alter and mess in the papers how he wants the game, Vistbad This includes or embraces that while he wants.
I regret that I repeat to your hearing that the direct result of surrender to the logic of blind hatred and philosophy of exclusion and genocide to light the fire in Qmahna and our bread and seek the destruction of revolutionary songs, and there is no difference between what we say, and reported by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Ahmed Musa and Tawfiq Okasha of songs exclusion transmitted from travel genocide The erasure of the opposition, so that others can live within the confines of obscene State.
You have the right to be proud of your participation in “June counterrevolution carrying the virus coup”, And no one has the right to Ietbek, you say “See, you have become and Gaber Asfour and Farouk Hosni” Balthelathin pride in the June camp. But, I think you agree with me in that “January” It was not flat, but Egypt was the big house with a capacity for all, and equal, and therefore, it was not correct to comment on them one banner “Houses”, Then uses thugs muscular to be taken away, and finally, sitting crying on the loss, it retained ownership, nor benefited from rent.
Last but not least, I like your courage to acknowledge that you were called “policeman”. But, it had to complete the sentence “The military policeman (The greatest in history, after Eisenhower) The remnants and the thug and Ion Iliescu and the Romanian counter-revolution CATALOGUE”.
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