Sep 24, 2023

 4 Significant differences between the «stability» Morsi and «jerk» Sisi in front of «blood Sinai»

Two years after the military coup against President Mohamed Morsi, the first elected civilian president in Egypt, is still ongoing comparisons between Rose Mursi do in different situations and between Rose Abdel Fattah al-Sisi did, especially if there is a similarity in the details of the event during the reigns of legitimacy and the coup.
Since the “The killing of Egyptian soldiers on the Sinai border incident” Took place in the era of Morsi, the incident was repeated dozens of times during the reign of Sisi, the social networking sites activists, deliberated several comparisons between reaction “Mursi Sisi” Following the incident, especially as the Egyptian soldiers were killed in the last mandate of Jerusalem attacks, the similarity with the killing of an accident 16 Soldier and wounding 7 Others, in the month of Ramadan, south of the Rafah crossing and the Kerem Shalom during the era of President Morsi, but the big difference between the reaction Monday!.
“Monitor the number of those differences between what he did Morsi after the killing of the soldiers and what he did Sisi, which we present as follows:
1Morsi went to check on soldiers in Rafah
And it raises the attention at first glance is a throwback Morsi President Rapid reaction after the incident; where Morsi decided to go immediately to El Arish Air Airport, accompanied by Defense Minister at the time, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, and Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sami Annan, indifferent security risks, Morsi and went to City Rafah to check on all efforts to remedy the effects of the accident.
While Sisi completely disappeared from the scene since the incident and did not go to Sinai, of course, as his defense minister did not cost or even the chief of staff to go and merely armed forces with some data which has been described Balgaamadh and inadequate.
2Morsi insisted on breakfast with soldiers
In another move most daring President Mohamed Morsi insisted following an accident soldiers killed during the reign of Ali Go to Battalion 101 Border guards to check on the soldiers inspire the spirit of trust and confidence with them, and made a meal, including breakfast, and then made statements in which he stressed the protection of the border, and that the blood of the martyrs of the soldiers will not be in vain.
In contrast Sisi did not do it, which necessitated some irony networking sites of activists Sisi, stressing that his military background and the former commander of the military intelligence is supposed he should not be afraid to meet with soldiers, united to him that he does like what do Mursi.
3Mursi addressed the people
In a third comparison between President Morsi and Sisi in reaction to the killing of the soldiers, President Morsi went speech to the Egyptian people immediately after the incident in which he emphasized the retribution for the martyrs, and there is no room for a truce with the treacherous attack in Sinai, and that the blood of the martyrs will not be lost in vain, and will provide the state all care for people.
He said he issued clear orders for full control of the Sinai, and to prosecute those who committed this attack and arrest them wherever they are, and stressed that the armed forces and the police move to chase them, and arrest and livelihoods security will impose full control over the regions of Sinai to become safe, and already armed forces deployed soldiers did not recur incident then.
In contrast Sisi did not issue any speech after the killing of the soldiers, which some attributed to the frequent repetition of the incident in his reign, which probably put it in an awkward position and now does not know how to justify the security failure in Sinai.
He used Sisi after each incident to draw a speech in which he had previously stated that the blood will fall confirms, always it refers to the possibility of the fall of the new blood in the near future.
4Morsi sacked Defense Minister
Decisions taken by President Morsi after the soldiers killed in the custody of the strongest decisions taken by the head of state following an accident or an attack on the border of dullness accident that also longer, sacked by President Morsi, both from the then Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff and Director of the General Intelligence and the leaders of the main branches.
While Sisi did not issue any decisions yet and did not lift a finger up to the minute, which some say was to his fear of taking such a step by step President Morsi; because it might cause the system to destabilize the post-coup 3 July in general.
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