Feb 26, 2024

Daughter of President Morsi for "Haitham Abu Khalil": you're wrong

Started Shaimaa Mohamed Morsi, through her profile on Facebook Commenting on what was said Professor Haitham Abu Khalil on call that took place between President Morsi and Dr. Katatni, which came in response to the following:

With all due respect and appreciation for someone spokesman
It is not true to Ole etcetera inaccurate ..
First .. Dr. Katatni been arrested in the evening on July 3 after he refused to sit down with the traitor tipping bucket at the moment of the coup speech in his capacity as Chairman of the People's Assembly .. And asked him to reject .. In this detail undisclosed owner
Second.. The previous days and the day of the coup itself was Dr. Katatni resides with the president at the headquarters of his work directly (Office of the President in the land of the Republican Guard and not the palace was transferred to the club says Mr. Haitham )
Did not need to connect it to anyone would
President detainee was not before July 3 pm
Even so ask request
Thirdly reject .. do not know what Mr. Fadil
That the masses of people in the fourth and the other sent to the president urging him to come to him to protect him from his position as the gains of the revolution and this right but he categorically refused for two reasons.
,, The first of them it will be an excuse for shedding seas of blood, however, it is the responsibility of the army ..! And the blessing unconstitutional because they Saatbrooa-breakers State ..
He does not want to give them a reason for such an act .
Thanihm ,, because it is an illegal and illegitimate
Third ,, because it has the power or the readiness to confront the regular army the military coup .. This was the task of the Republican Guard, a constitutional Kkjhaz is a key pillar in the success of the coup ..

Fourthly I do not understand what the significance is that the victim of the shedding of his blood caused !!!!

The bottom line :
This massacre and the subsequent massacres whole has cold blood and no one bears the responsibility of this blood, but the military traitors and criminals Ewalehm reject .. indisputable

One of the surprising Elly people Speaks and decomposition and Ptgi stories about people not present mesh and violin are all wrong
Not one of us .. Repeat, not one all of us have the whole truth, but they .

the source: Facebook

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