Sep 28, 2023

Arabi writes verses : Saud al-Faisal position of a fourth massacre

Arabi, wrote verses via Facebook:

سعود الفيصل بوضوح

Saud al-Faisal position of a fourth massacre

He said for some countries to halt aid to the coup regime after massacre :

“Announced the halt of its assistance to Egypt or stopping them waving the Arab and Islamic nation rich in its sons and its potential will not be delayed to provide a helping hand to Egypt”

He argued for states massacres :

“And flimsy arguments can not be accepted by the mind”

Description news of the massacre, saying :

“We will not take from ignores these facts and dragged behind the propaganda and lies flimsy as goodwill or foolishness, but hostile positions against the interests of the Arab and Islamic nations and their stability”.

Description demonstrations rebels Egypt after a fourth massacre :

“War in the streets and destroying public and private property and terrorize the security of citizens and the loss of innocent life and the burning of entire stream before the governorates of Egypt refuses to respond to the will of the Egyptian People”

This is a short Saud al-Faisal, who pray for mercy upon another and refuse to pray for mercy upon

This is one of the supporters of the coup, sabotage and bloodshed, murder and terrorize the innocent one Orabi transform Egypt into a waste where Caws album is called a fool by the crazed serial killer in criminal vandalism.

Pray for mercy on such people is similar to pray for mercy on the deceased Hisham Barakat

the source: Page writer on Facebook

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