Sep 28, 2023

Wael Kandil writes: How will the end-Sisi?

Runs Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Egypt, Tawfiq Okasha also manages the Studio channel, and also manages Ahmed ulna Justice Facility. In Studio “State Aekashih”, The leader is a guest presenter, a Director and is a port's boss, Punisher equivalent. In the annex to justice, find ulna is the Minister of Justice, who is president of the Judges' Club, is the chief of the tribe, is the government and the opposition, is everything. Performance Abdel Fattah al-Sisi since the first day, simulation dull to Akasha in the studio, and ulna in the judiciary, is everything, and his hand all, nearly This is just that, is a critic and Almncod, is the power and the opposition, a referee between them, the President of everything and director, is a fortune-teller and swordfish, is a priest and a doctor and the accountant and the speaker and the listener. Both constitute a nuisance to him, or is a threat to his power, keeps him or distances or destroyed him, if necessary, not only so, but keen, all the time, on the transfer of broadcast this spirit of revenge evil in all his followers and supporters, to turn the tendency of exclusion and dominance to the equivalent of Occupation settlement activity, to get rid of the indigenous population of the country. Egyptian opposition, in the eyes of the state of Sisi, Kalhende red for the Raiders who opened America, and Kalvelstini the Zionist colonizer, either satisfied by virtue of the occupier, and accept, including grants to its gestures, or Vliqtl or to go around, every effort is devoted a radical change in the demographics of society, all the way to erase history, and starting a new history. And come pack Abdel Fattah al-Sisi recent decisions, of his decision to direct his government to make the law of terrorism, would undermine the right of litigation and allows him to execute wills and liquidation of wills, leading to his decision to Republican Profile granting himself the right to get rid of the heads of the regulatory bodies that fortified the Constitution, forgive the office, without the need to return to the Parliament, to emphasize that very quickly turns into a case of the ruling order of God who did Alovail in Egypt, until he died insane over the top of a mountain, no one knew of his death. The absurd and inhumane that Egypt is living with Sisi is no different, from what she experienced with the ruling order of God, and the absurd often starts small, then swells and turns into a roaring crazy surroundings. I remember that when Abdel Fattah al-Sisi authorities announced the arrest of a university student, on charges of possession of a copy of the novel 1984 The writer George Orwell, many consider it is absurd, but I expected far beyond and wondered: When is it forbidden to eat mallow Sisi, as the ruling order of God will soon act, which began, like him, considering himself a wise philosopher, and ended up claiming prophecy and divinity it. As time did not spare the ruling order of God Bmhagafin Agrkonh Bmdaih piercing of the limits of the mind and transport together, not without Egypt, now, scholars and poets of the Sultans of doing the same thing. والحاصل أن عبد الفتاح السيسي يعرف أنه مستولٍ على سلطة مسروقة، انتزعها بالقتل والكذب، ويجري بها وحيداً، هارباً إلى الأمام، كلما اعترضه أحد صرعه، وكلما اشتَمَّ رائحة الخطر من أحد رجاله، تخلّص منه، وقراره الأخير، المفصّل خصيصاً للتخلّص من كل صور المحاسبة والرقابة على أدائه، ممثّلة في شخص المستشار هشام جنينة، رئيس الجهاز المركزي للمحاسبات، هذا القرار يكشف عن أن السيسي بات لا يثق في أحد، وهو في سبيل الاحتفاظ بالسلطة المطلقة، لن يمانع في إفناء الجميع، من شركائه المقرّبين. In fact, it runs the run out quickly crazy, so that is about to cut off his breath, and no one knows when to drop it, or fall out is, whichever comes first, but it is certain that history stories tell us that tyrants are annihilating both feel a of their presence a threat, outgrow them one after the other, until the circle is narrowing, there remains only the shadow of a tyrant, is led by mad to shoot him. The same applies to the public and to state-Sisi, exclusionary Replacement, will continue to do everything to the annihilation of the population without it, until it reaches the matter, in order to kill each other, and eat itself, while not find more victims, including exercising its brutality.

the source : Arab New

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