Sep 28, 2023

Sisi exploits paper penalty to blackmail King Salman

Continued military coup commander Abdel Fattah al-Sisi blackmail the Saudi monarch moratorium on executions issued against President Mohamed Morsi and 120 of the patriotic and revolutionary symbols.
According to the newspaper “Gulf Affairs” The informed sources confirmed that the “Coup Sisi commander cut irreversibility line and cut off all the bridges is not with the Muslim Brotherhood only but with every January components revolutionary, and that sacrificing the support of Saudi Arabia and its support to him in exchange for Israeli support and the Arab silence is no choice but to proceed in the path of destruction, which carries with Egypt for the same fate”.
Sisi comes insistence on executions after the assassination of Attorney General Hisham Barakat, who many ambiguous and circumstances indicate that the finger at the system itself was involved in, especially after Sisi rushed and threw the charge on the Muslim Brotherhood accident.
He called Sisi edited from Pending “Law and Legal” Which hinder – As described – For coming in later acts of violence and terrorism in the country, especially the Sinai area and killed recruits, without opening the door to investigate until the present moment, do not know why, but everyone is surprised to issue anti-terrorism law, which was tainted by a lot of legal loopholes, and finds strong opposition even from those close to the regime coup.
And despite the fact that observers predicted that Saudi Arabia is distancing itself from interfering in the Egyptian crisis, and risk its relationship with Sisi to calculate the Muslim Brotherhood, only to aggravate the situation and reached the peak of tensions with the final judgment of the execution of President-elect Mohamed Morsi, and a number of the group's leaders, summoned to memory the reaction of the Kingdom and its scientists and their newspapers to the execution of Sayyid Qutb and his comrades in the sixties, during the reign of King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz .
Some began calling for the kingdom to intervene, recalled headlines Saudi newspapers activists at this time, and which has been described by those provisions”Unfair” And”Terrorist”, Such as governance and beyond, and telegrams of condemnation “Cairo against the provisions of the execution of members of the Muslim Brotherhood”, Sent a senior head of the Association of Muslim Scholars message to Abdel Nasser, which he considered as “Nasser war waged against Islam”, But he refused all these mediations and executed judgment, and here is a Gen Sisi follow in his footsteps.
It was Observers and analysts and politicians, many of the warnings of the implementation of the provisions of the executions, which will enter Egypt in a downward spiral and internal strife and civil war violence hurt the entire region, and that the fire will affect the Arab Gulf states, which supported politically, regionally and economically coup and supported by billions. The student 160 Of the most prominent scholars of Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, to intervene to stop the implementation of the death sentences of dozens in Egypt,”Hasten to lift the injustice before it is too late”.
Scientists called, in a statement to them and signed it in the 19 Last June, “The rest of the Islamic nation's leaders to do legitimate duty imposed on them from the support of the Muslim religion oppressed, oppressor and book about his crime, and that is what the Koran calls him”. The new statement under the title “Call of Egypt 2″, An update to an earlier statement issued by scholars and considered that the “All the consequences of the coup by law and void”, And they are considered the legitimate president Mohamed Morsi of Egypt national team.
The list of signatories to the statement scholars from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and India, Pakistan and Malaysia.. And other.
The signatories scientists explained the statement that death sentences “The legitimate president Mohamed Morsi and his unfair and unjust, politicized and that the trials and void by law and”, Noting that it issued “Overturned a criminal authority is not eligible for sentencing originally”, According to the statement and the statement added that scientists sentences passed in the cases of “Spying” And”Wadi Natrun” Issued against innocent people do not deserve a trial, as well as “Penalty and life imprisonment”, And made it clear that it “Deserves to be executed is turned on the legitimacy”.
He also called on the leader of the movement “Renaissance” Tunisian Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, to lead the conciliatory project in the region to be reconciliation between the Brotherhood and the military in Egypt in the crucifixion.
Ghannouchi criticized in a press statement last month, the execution of the rule of Egyptian President-elect Dr.. Mohamed Morsi, and more 120 Others in the cases of escape from the Wadi Natrun prison, and communicating with the Palestinian Hamas movement, and saw it Tozimih step does not help stability in Egypt, he said,: “This decision to say the least it is wrong and unjust decision does not help to solve the problems of Egypt and the region's problems, but it pays the situation to further aggravation and complexity, but also pays Egypt into the unknown”.

Ghannouchi urged Egyptians to reconciliation rather than increased its belligerent approach, he said,: “Call urgent to reverse this ruling and to order the path of reconciliation, no one can exclude the other, and no one imagine Egypt without the Muslim Brotherhood at that time, nor Egypt without the leading role of the army, the only way is dialogue and reconciliation and the search for consensus and not monopolize power”. Ghannouchi reiterated his call for a Saudi-led conciliatory role in the region, he said,: “I called the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, through its location in the kiss and prestige enjoyed by the Kingdom of Muslims, that the conciliatory historic role in the region, including Egypt, and I am ready to help in this direction”, As he says.

For his part, said a military expert and former Kuwaiti MP Nasser Al-Duwailah, in previous statements: “The regime in Egypt to escape forward, it increases death and the death sentences, and many of them will be implemented and Sabth and kill people in the streets and houses, mosques and fall”. He added: “I said a month ago I brought myself to travel to Egypt, and I intend to pray the Eid prayer in a fourth field, and it is to God before and after, not on God loved one. Repression reached an amount not reached any system in Egypt from the reign of Pharaoh, and the right to God that unless something is gained from this world but his situation and God is able”.

Was the military judges issued a decision in 16 Of the month of June, the execution of President Mohamed Morsi, and the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood d. Mohammed Badie, head of the Egyptian Parliament and d. Saad Katatni, Dr.. Yusuf Qaradawi, president of the World Federation of Muslims. And many others, the death sentences of up to 120 In comic storming prisons and escape during the uprising 25 يناير، وهزلية التخابر مع حماس.

the source : Gateway freedom and justice

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