Mar 2, 2024

Amr Hamzawy writes: Republic of Fear

Then a decision is subject to regulatory law and independent bodies to the head of the executive branch through the license change presidents / leaders, and canceled pursuant to this supervisory role and position of these independent bodies entrusted with the 1) Preventing the predominance of the executive over the rest of the public authorities, 2) Prevent the misuse of public office and enable accountable to its occupants.
If we add to the concentration of powers and authority in the hands of the head of the executive branch and to the predominance of the executive and supervisory bodies of the marginalized and the tyranny of the independent security and intelligence services to the rest of the public institutions and organs, the structure of the system of government in Egypt become the explicit nature of the individual and the authoritarian nature.
If we add to the individual nature of the rule and to the continuous nature of authoritarian passed during the past two years (Ago 3 July 2013) The laws of the special legal amendments exceptional plaguing the rule of law and the core of the link the value of justice and right, liberty and the conditions of fair litigation to prevent injustices and abuses and discrimination content of those measures, we are in Egypt in the company of a system of government does not mean human rights and freedoms and local standards that settled nationally Btadhahat Egyptologist and Egyptians, nor international standards committed by the institutions and organs of the national state for decades, from near or from afar.
If we add to the rule of law and the blast hit the wall and freedoms unilateral control over the public sphere Bmqaydadtha authoritarian ongoing human rights standards (Bread and security in exchange for justice and reason and freedom) And distortion rising to Mgrdan outside swarm justify autocracy and authoritarianism and opponents of involvement in McCarthyism justify terrorism and violence of the interview, and if also added systematic displacement of the citizen from the public domain via the special repressive practices and permanent threat of repression if the opposition regime Bslmah or just Date overt difference with the orientations and policies of laws, and if Finally, we add the conversion address economic, social and livelihood issues in the public domain either to the cheers of the national projects, the giant or the likes to talk with him only subject to the rule «patience vulva key», we are in front of an authoritarian state par excellence republic is a republic of fear, although invoked falsely Egyptian national Bmcolat though reported from terrorist crime , which do not arrange only more repression, oppression and stay away from the rights and freedoms and on the balance of public authorities and hurling us is the other to his republic Republic of sorrow and bloodshed and destruction.

the source : sunrise

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