Sep 24, 2023

Mohammed Saif State writes about a brave man Abul-Ela Madi

Hello .. who's with me?

= I Madi.

– Hey Bashimeng.

= Speak to you to invite you to the annual breakfast for the Centre Party, and every year and you're good.

– I thank you for your kind invitation and, God willing, I'll get.


Could not pass Ramadan without to remember and recall the good annual Iftar ceremony, which was hosted by the Centre Party, under construction, each year before the revolution, and kept it on the invitation of personalities from all intellectual and political currents without exception, only men in power, members of the National Party.
It was breakfast and everyone continues to react with love and appreciation, do not stop at affiliations and intellectual references, political or partisan to each other. Share their views and analyze events and read what is being distributed data and publications. Interact, agree and disagree, and in the end will hug and then go out. It was the Centre Party's breakfast, and rightly so, as one of the most prominent political features of Ramadan in Egypt before the revolution of January.


Nor can we forget the agent before the revolution the party's founders and its Chairman then, engineer Abu ELA Madi, calm and courteous manners and good relationship with everyone, start it and his colleagues to defend their right to participate in the intellectual and political life of Egypt despite political on everyone, starting with the founding of the Association “Egypt for Culture and Dialogue” Seminars which were held in a small apartment in Nasr City, through their participation in all kinds of assistance and support to the Palestinian cause. Such as the organization of the Second Conference of the Society in 2002 Mark “The future of Palestine.. What happens after the demise of the State of Israel?”.
As well as open the Center for International Studies – Which was run by Mady – Preparations to receive and organize many of the dialogues and figures of political forces. I remember them setting meetings to organize a protest in front of the mogamma the anniversary of the 54 Palestinian Nakba in 2002, when he was still pretending of sins and prohibitions, just as it is today.
As well as the positive participation in addressing the Mubarak regime and projects inheritance and extension, corruption and mating of power and capital, through Kifaya and the National Assembly to change, and also their participation remarkable in January revolution and subsequent events and tours and extending root and battles electoral and political conflicts.
This is in addition to their motor and intellectual permanent to try to bring together the parties and to the role of intellectual and political mediation between everyone, which was characterized by particularly Engineer Abul-Ela Madi.
He has had a multiple of his efforts in defense of the centrist Islam and Mdnith, renounce violence, and to emphasize the right of citizenship for all. Which it was expressed clearly in many of the most important book of his writings “Coptic and Islamic law and issue Awakening”. So it was chosen a member of the Arab Group of the Islamic-Christian dialogue since 1999. A group established by the Middle East Council of Churches.
I have continued with Abul-Ela Madi and many occasions in the figures, but the most significant in identifying the fact that the man and his ideas are my meetings with his disciples and members of his party in various seminars and dialogues of thought. They were all, without exception, young and balanced national TOPICAL believes in freedom and revolution and Bslmatha, loves Palestine and hostile to Israel and rejects the Camp David and subordination to the Americans, condemning political polarization and seeks to dialogue and communicate with all the other currents.


Abu ELA Madi, a State ravaged by Division and polarization miserable hitting everyone, and the attendant is still acute conflict over power that the outbreak in the summer of 2013, is now languishing in prison, having been arrested in July 2013, for inciting violence in the so-called “Events between chateaux”. It is renewed imprisoned constantly up to date on pending investigations, in the same way like thousands of detainees.
It is a paradox of injustice and tyranny, that is personal, such as Abu Ela Madi accused of inciting violence, and terrorism, which is the face of a large part of his call and his activity and his writings against violence and extremism. It is the most important book “Egyptian violent groups and interpretations of Islam” Issued in 2006.
He and his colleagues had refused from the outset contrived and chronic gap between Islamists and others struggled to fill them, and took care to assure everyone on average and their medial Islam, their moderation and acknowledging each other, and their commitment to democratic practices and norms and provisions and consequences.
To this they were keen to work within the political and legal system of the State, shoulder to shoulder with everyone; despite their opposition to the regime and the tyranny and corruption. And they came to the PPC request the establishment of a legitimate party. It did not despair of rejection of their request three times, and did not make amends to democracy, and did not resort to covert action. But they were re-ball time and time again, that the Revolution came out of their party into existence in the golden days.


It is strange that none of the “His friends”, From other political currents codes, it has not written a single letter to defend him or to demand his release, despite what was between them from a humanitarian and political relations intimate and profound, long history of common struggle.
The arrest “past” Is one of the most revealing evidence about the current state of tyranny and the desire to eradicate racism in all of irrelevant to the Islamic trend, even if the quality of Abu Ela Madi.
They also reveal the panting and liquidity charges of terrorism and treason and sisters of demonization that went every day to dare to oppose authority. And confirm that we are in the process of a methodology for the arrest of political campaigns outside of logic, justice and the law.
The silence “Comrades” Old injustice and the oppressor and the oppressed, is the clearest demonstration of the state of fear or complicity, and the disruption of political attitudes and moral values ​​among many who otherwise Hspenahm.


Even if ratified sockets which accuses “Abu Ela Madi” Participate in the exclusion of opponents and monopolize the process of preparing a constitution 2012. Participation in constitution 2014 It was harsher and more bitter, at least has a Constitution, all opposing the free exercise of their opposition, their protests and pressure in complete freedom, with the support of the State and the official media and the majority of private media.
While the Constitution 2014 Was prepared, and thousands of his opponents in the graves or in prisons. But when he tried some of the youth revolution of non-Islamists, to demonstrate in front of the Shura Council to deliver a peaceful message to the Constitution of the committee preparing the need to reject the military trials of civilians, they have been arrested, tried and convicted of the provisions amounted to five years.
In all circumstances, and in accordance with objective criteria or legally, cannot be considered political and constitutional positions, criminal offence deserves her arrest, imprisonment and conviction on charges of terrorism and incitement to violence.


Km us from a friend or companion or son or daughter in prisons such as Abu Ela Madi?
Freedom for all oppressed people in all detention centers and cells. Ramadan and Eid Mubarak cream and mushroom.

Egypt and the Arab

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