Feb 27, 2024

Dr. Mohammed writes Sudan: Come eat hero who made it from Pressed

When the military generals plotted on the first elected president in Egypt and the revolution 25 January, they have to choose the right person for the job, the person who is fluent in coloration and treason, elected newest hangar military council income officer under pressure from the ousted Hosni Mubarak and perhaps pressing the US as well, and was able to sneak Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to manage the plot brilliantly, having decided generals military to get rid of “Awagiz Military Council” وهما طنطاوى وعنان، بالطبع قام الرئيس مرسى بإقالة الرجلين بعد ثبوت تقصيرهما فى حماية الجنود والضباط المصريين فى رمضان على حدودنا مع الكيان الصهيونى، ولكن أناّ يكون له ذلك دون موافقة باقى جنرلات العسكر، ثم زجوا نفس الجنرلات بالخائن الأصغر وهو عبدالفتاح السيسى وتكليفه بمؤامرة الخيانة الكبرى للشعب المصرى والرئيس المنتخب وأعلن الرجل تصديه لهذه المهمة بعد أن أقنعوه الجنرلات أنهم خلفه وسيعاونوه على إتمام هذه المهمة القذرة حتى يستعيدوا السلطة من هذا المدنى الذى حصل على السلطة بالإنتخابات النزيهة والتى لم يكن مقدراً لهذا الأمر فى مخطاطتهم حين سرقوا مصر من مبارك ومن الثوار فى 11 February 2011.
Paid generals such fools from my point of view of one of two things, first, if the plan failed Vitah by a Ohdthm and Or_khashm, and if it succeeds in carrying out the plot there is nothing wrong to keep it a bit Ki are all the crimes on his hands and then disposed of a number of scenarios, of course, is the weakest man in the Military Council, and carried out the dictates of his generals, but things evolved was the traitor nor his partners could not control the country easily because they found it hinders their careers, especially that President jure not subject to provoke them and resign or step down giveth the country on a plate, and Tatars people and the people stood up and fought for their steadfastness and stuck to its legitimacy despite Alaqoh every day of suppression and oppression and the provisions of the Egyptian judiciary has made a joke making fun of them far and wide.

Sneak Abdel Fattah Sisi felt that the military generals Antua get rid of it, and the traitors do not always achieve immunity to each other, Fajna of the Zionist entity and lie down on the expense of everything in Egypt, the abandonment of our people in Sinai (Rafah and Sheikh Zuwaid) Forced, nearly a thousand innocent of their families killed, the blockade stressed our people in Gaza, especially the time of the invasion of Zionists them in the last Ramadan, the war on Sinai Bedouins announced Ki establish a buffer zone on the border with the Gaza Strip to please the Zionists, make informed horns poured every day and night Jam Anger on our people in Gaza, Hamas Hatun and made them the worst enemies of the Egyptians, and even the worst enemies of the whole Arab world, perhaps all humanity, pour his anger on the entire Muslim Ummah 1.6 Billion Muslims and described as they are terrorists who want to destroy the whole world, side in a ravine to the Christians and became their loved ones who must obey their orders, even at the expense of all Muslim people, he wanted it all hunker down Zionists and Christians until the generals do not think one day get rid of him after he led his task par excellence, a get rid of the civilian president-elect and the involvement of all the Brotherhood and opponents of the coup Bgaahp prisons, and killed more than 7500 Innocent of them.

Tried to draw closer to the men of Mubarak Ki stand with him in his plot to legitimacy and they did, but it seems that the traitor Sisi not implemented the rest of the Agreement and is the release of Mubarak and his sons and all its symbols, what was of them, however, abandoned him in the presidential elections, it was revealed the man and looked that without a political-back, except the families of army officers, police and the dancers, and then began to re-understanding with them and the men released his plan for Mubarak and his sons and all the symbols of Mubarak, but when he thought Mubarak and his sons that they will regain the pre-revolution Omjadhm 25 January, the re-trial of Mubarak and his sons again, especially when the beauty of the back and Alaa in public forums as if they have regained their power as if Sisi ventured launched his coup on behalf of Mubarak and his sons, and of course the same pace Ahmed Ezz, knowing that Mubarak and his sons, as well as Ahmed Ezz and all Mubarak symbols did not get out of prison free.

I can assure you that this off parole was not free, but it was against the many billions, and already reported that a business belonging to the Mubarak regime and is known for his deal with the Zionists commercially at a very high level has been presented to the President berth out of my way I personally hundred billion to eject Mubarak and his sons , Marina refused and ordered him to leave the people and the judiciary, which he thought was fair even truncates it to the rights of aggrieved people for three decades, but soon Sisi grip on Mubarak and his sons stressed even disappeared from the public scene, as well as all the men of Mubarak.

The difficult task of generals military now remains to get rid of treason tool that they used a Fattah El-Sisi, while Sisi became Mtaatrsa entity Zionist and America behind them, even Sisi now become a national hero of the State of Israel as they claim, and Ehud Barak came out to all the Western world Atovh east and west, demanding the international community to stand beside Sisi and his support on all aspects, confirmed this talk of national security adviser to the Zionist entity days ago, but the Zionist lobby Congress, the US and the European Union; it also in a TV channels Zionism was declared that the Zionist war army entered the Sinai to fight terrorism and that Egyptian army is unable to control the Sinai.

Major dilemma now in front of Sisi is the generals soldiers who are planning to get rid of it, but the Zionist entity stands to maintain it, as well as mobility Revolutionary internal and external, which has not slowed days since we turned on the President-elect, as well as President Morsy who insisted to withstand did not bend each pressures fronted European Union and United States as well as to step down even unique Sisi what calls legitimate.

Speculation scenario to get rid of many Sisi, but the traitor trying to get rid of President legitimate for the country in every way and hurry private Cassation courts that the rush to execution until the ends of the legitimacy headache and theft of power a tank, but do you think this traitor to the country will calm down after elimination to report on the execution of Anchorage or the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Muslims are members of the Guidance Bureau and many of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the opponents of the coup, I think that the man and the most important and of supported in this bloody project features stupidly political Without Borders, they did not read history or learn policy vocabulary and they seek the assistance of Abjahla people are not Bozkiahm to get out of this impasse.

وهنا استوقفنى مشهد زيارة الخائن إلى ما أسماه إعلانه الكاذب غرفة عمليات شمال سيناء دون أن يصاحبه فى هذه الزيارة الهامة وزير دفاعه ورئيس الأركان، وظنى أنه لم يتحرك من القاهرة، وإن قبلنا بهذه الرواية فمن هم هؤلاء الذين كانوا يرتدون السواد ويحيطونه بشكل هيستيرى، هل لا يأمن الخائن على روحه وهو وسط رجاله وعشيرته الذى عاش بين ظهرانيهم أكثر ثلاثة عقود ونصف، إذن بمن يستعين هذا الخائن لحراسته، هل يستعين بفرق التحرك السريع، أم بمن !!! .. It is assisted by the police to protect him from his clan army !!! Is assisted by foreign companies or American Zionist perhaps to protect him from his family and his clan army, or of enemies who are well-traveled day after day, a big question mark.

But the days are pregnant much of secrets hovering around the man and his cohorts, and the question remains, when the parties agree on the charge of getting rid of the traitor, and what is the scenario, and whether to accept the Zionist entity under the US administration pressure and maybe some Gulf states ( Rice sacks owners) Get rid of the anti support revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and still supports Bashar and other enemies of the Arab Spring systems System.

Is Narrows blockade on Sisi after that feared to go to South Africa and then blasted from Britain visit, and felt the man that he would not get away with his crimes, I do not know what to say to him of his advisers, is selling his illusion as does the Egyptian media now and doubles as the savior of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and of terrorism and civil wars and alleged Alanksmat of the Egyptian people, and what about the sectarian strife; and what about the economic failure and internal debt which amounted to 2 Trillion and 200 Billion pounds and external debt exceeded the 54 Billion, unemployment exceeded the 25% And especially after the return of our workers in Libya and Yemen, and the closure of more than 5000 Factory and a private company owned by the brothers or their supporters.


And Aagafz man and his cohorts from failure to failure, and finds it Istoagafh as a result of the terror that prevailed in the country, and can not any man Baltvoh character against Sisi or his actions or the military council and his generals or even police officers in various ranks, Egypt became a state of fear par excellence, a police state and military with distinction .


و الآن أقول هل حان الوقت لجنرلات المجلس العسكر أن يأكلوا بطلهم الذى صنعوه من العجوةكما تخلصوا من شركائه المنفذون للمؤامرة وزير داخليته محمد إبراهيم ثم النائب العام، حتى يستوقفوا اقتياد البلاد إلى الهاوية و هم ضمن ركاب هذه السفينة التى يقودها أخرق، و بالطبع هذا الأخرق هم الذين صنعوه، أو بشكل آخر هم الذين”Attending Elf” فهم المسئولون عن صرفه، أما إذا كنا نتساءل عن طريقة صرفه، فلن يغلب جنرلات العسكر و من خلفهم الأمريكان فى كتابة السيناريو المناسب للتخلص من هذا الأخرق، و تبقى إشكالية من هم متمسكون به بإصرار وهم قيادات الكيان الصهيونى، أو هل السيسى ومن خلفه من الصهاينة أو الأمريكان أو حتى دول الخليج المساندة له قادرون على تمكينة من أن يتغذى السيسى بجنرالات العسكر قبل أن يتعشوا به، أعتقد أن حل هذه المعضلة كذلك سوف ينطلق من البيت الأبيض.

At the end of Story say: Is the international community will stand idly until it reaches Sisi and his cohorts in Egypt into the abyss or they are waiting for the zero hour for the launch of another scenario far from what we think ?, but km thousand dead, a thousand of victims of torture in prisons and how much, and after any stage of the collapse in the economy and in Human Rights and in the judiciary and in the foreign policy and tourism, and in the rising unemployment rate is terrible, but we were waiting for, that Aotinya solution to this disaster from the outside. Is this enough, or that mobility internal and external anti-regime revolutionary enough to break this ring and behind them, and the question of why the international community deafening his adhaan and closes his eyes to all the crimes committed by Sisi and the military and police generals in Egypt?!

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