Sep 24, 2023

Wael Kandil writes: Apology is the duty of the governor order of God

When Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is the main source, and the only one, of legislation in Egypt, do not be surprised when supplication turns into an essential means to approach the change and reform, in a country kill policy, and kill anyone who wants to engage them, including not agree with the desire of the ruling. See responses to the actions of the Egyptians with Tarawih prayers where worshipers or Sheikh Mohammed Jibril in Amr Ibn El-Aas mosque, in celebration of the twenty-seventh night of Ramadan, and to see that they receive celebrate Sisi Abdul Qadr night at the height of the afternoon of the next day, to date the lookout. On the night of Mohammed Jibril, shaken hearts, and tears in the eyes, and broke the springs of reverence and awe with beseeching the reader with a melodious sound honest to God, calling on the killers and Savki blood and counterfeiters awareness and spoilers taste. Jibril did not specify the specific names, but Sisi and his followers criminality Thssoa their heads and they checked, and logic “Take me almost Sisi says”, The news leaked from the start urgent investigations into a prayer preacher Amr ibn al-Aas mosque “Imam al-Sisi”. The charge will be around which the achievement of the Ministry of Awqaf, if the news is true, is the receipt of the following on the San Gabriel “Oh God, you who shed our blood, and our children are, O God, you have corrupt media professionals, the magicians of Pharaoh, O God, you have corrupt politicians, O God, who wronged you, O God, you who attacked the sanctity of homes, O God, you who dominated and force, Oh God, you elders Sultan”. Leave Mohammed Jibril, and go to a speech-Sisi, on the afternoon of the following day, celebrating the night of destiny, and let alone Takrifa and blasphemy in the field of religion, not so much focus in the package “Alavihat” Received on his tongue, he talked about the renewal of religious discourse, of his talk about “Many young Olhdoa but I do Sabusc Islam”, To saying “Haazb means our Lord preached doomsday Ashan they have not believed? No need tough strong de”. Forget all that, and check how well the Egyptians received these manifestations Asih, as it has become Al-Qaeda says that whenever speeches Sisi was the Egyptian people on a date with a table full of dishes Joking and ridicule frigate. Thus, no one is dealing with this nonsense seriously, even though people protested so, fearing the wrath, and in the hope of surviving the foolish authority, considers the presence of books and pencils in the bag college student accused and the evidence of guilt, and is interested to build prisons more than interest in the architecture of houses of worship, and confiscated the right of people in prayer and meditation and tenderness. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was busy in Sevstath Tnzirath and deep in debt and assets and speech, while scientists in prisons and detention centers, and in front of commissions of inquiry and discipline, even if they were the size of the former deputy head of Al-Azhar and the Arabic Language Academy. It continues to promote the drug false promises homeland, which extends its boundaries from Earth to Mars, and projects that make the clouds rain gold and honey, while Egypt's youth with the strongest cranks between jail and prison and a stalker and a researcher for a way out, and left them humiliate clapping and cheering the life of a leader who wants to spend youth unemployment at the disposal of the young people themselves. I wrote, two days ago, that Abdel Fattah al-Sisi behavior in this way demonstrates that Taatlbsa the case of the ruling order of God, both are fond of dominating all the authorities, religious and secular, both swizzle in making decisions and decrees, without reference to a. If Abdel Fattah al-Sisi celebrated the night of Qadr in the middle of the day, the historical novels not cut one to her health, not her fault, she says “Hakim” He issued a decree that authorized the noon prayer in the first seven o'clock, and is authorized to Asr prayer in the first nine o'clock. However, history tells about the ruling order of God, also, that he “Open House of Wisdom in Cairo and carry books to and straighten up where scholars and readers and grammarians and other employers science, and brush and was held where the servants to serve, and conducted livelihoods on of them from Fakih and others, and make it what it needs from the ink and paper and pens”. So.. وجب الاعتذار لذلك الحاكم التاريخي.

the source : Arab New

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