Sep 24, 2023

«Mohammed Jibril»: I am innocent of my account on «Twitter»

Denied Sheikh Mohammed Jibril, the Islamic preacher, have an account on “Twitter”, Saying that what was published on some of the accounts on the blog site sternal attributed to him is real. Jibril said in a statement on their official social networking site “Facebook”: “I bear witness of God, I was acquitted, which was written on my tongue now and formerly of any party, a responsibility of his books, has been editing Minutes before due to impersonate my name on Twitter”. He continued: “I love my country and national did not you to any party whatsoever, and historical shows, the only party that I belong to is the love of the Qur'an and carry his message at home and abroad, and I pray to God to protect my country and its people all harm and hated, and God is before and after, and authorize commanders to Allah”.

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