Sep 28, 2023

Death of Mayor " readers" Sheikh Sayed Metwally ..ochiea funeral in his village Sharqia

Died since few reader Sheikh Sayed Metwally Abdel Aal Mayor readers in Egypt at the age of 68 -Year-old, he has buried his funeral on Thursday after the Asr prayer from the place of his birth Alfdadnh village, in the eastern province.

Reader Sheikh Sayed Metwally was born in the village center Alfdadnh Faqous eastern province of Day 26 April 1947 in the family breadwinner working in agriculture as the rest of the villagers.

His father was looking to the sky and called the Lord of Glory that give him a son after the four girls to have a man and a haven after his death. And the mother is in a hurry to son standing next to the four sisters after her departure until her daughters to reassure them that there Aooan brother to him when adversity and calamities and always they find Bjawarhn.

And confirmation of the desire to have a strong mother Ghulam Halim called on God to bless the boy to gratia to save the Koran and responded Mawla and Rozkhma child rolled months and reached the fifth-old son from his father took him and went to him and his book Alfdadnh to Sheikha “Mary Mr. Rezzig” Stlguenh verses that al-Hakim and male .

I found Sheikha Mariam ingenuity signs and indicators of talent at Telmivha Vansb interest in it. As Mr. Metwally was six years old and his father inflicted primary school in the village did not preoccupied with the study on the Koran. Under hesitate to book Sheikha Mariam even fully completed memorizing the Quran, which in the age of twelve. Sayed Metwally became a reader in the village Statistics occasions and funerals and revived Thursday night forty succeeded in that. So he went to his father Sheikh “Sawi Abdalmattiy” Authorized the village to receive him aware of the provisions of readings and intonation.

Sheikh Sayed Metwally got Almodhunah successor to his mentor Sheikh El Sawy to become a reader of the Koran and authorized Alfdadnh to his village and went to the master of the neighboring village of Al Areen Fdadnh to learn the Koran Science and readings by Sheikh Taha agent.

After that shot to fame in the eastern province and was showered with calls from all East around and began to invade other neighboring to revive the funerals provinces and often read the next celebrity readers broadcasters such as Sheikh Mustafa Ismail and Sheikh al-Banna and Sheikh Abdul Basit Sheikh Hamdi Al-Zamil, and Sheikh Saeed Abdul Samad Zinati.

Initially wage pounds and one was only in 1961 and 1962. After 1980 and reached the famous Sheikh Sayed Metwally extended to the provinces and in the same year out of Egypt Vmaa his will in some Arab and Islamic countries through his recordings on cassette tapes.
Arab and Islamic radio reader and travel abroad.

Quran record of some Arab and Islamic radio has broadcast recordings, Jordan, Iran and some Gulf countries, and traveled Sheikh Sayed Metwally to many Arab, Islamic and African countries to revive the nights of the month of Ramadan and Quran recitation months mosques there. Especially Iran, Jordan and the Gulf States.

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