Sep 28, 2023

Shahira Amin: Liberals do wrong Morsi and supported violations in Egypt

He attacked the media and the Egyptian writer Shahira Amin, liberal and secular groups in Egypt, saying they directed sharp criticism of former president, Mohamed Morsi, during his tenure, but they abandoned their principles since he was ousted, and they adopted the policy of double standards towards human rights and democracy.


And he saw the writer, in an article location “Middle East Aye” British, that the Liberals did wrong Morsi, who - according to opinion- He did not want to dominate the power, or drag the country to the rule of an authoritarian, but tried desperately to move forward in the political road map pledge by.


She “Shahira Amin” Amazed that “Secularists” Advocated the overthrow of the first democratically elected president in Egypt, and the silent tolerance for the many human rights violations committed by the current regime in Egypt.


She noted that only a small number of lay people did not need tens of thousands of supporters of the former regime prison, and the issuance of the provisions of collective punishment against the leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, killing at least 800 Others during the violent Space fourth day of a sit-in in Cairo 14 August 2013.


The writer explained that the liberals and secularists hostility towards Islamist groups stems partly from the conviction that the latter is responsible for the violence plaguing the country, arguing that the Liberals have failed to differentiate between the Muslim Brotherhood – Which insists it will continue to struggle through peaceful means to restore legality- And other extremist groups that resort to violence to achieve its goals.
the source: Cairo Gate

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