Khalil al-Anani writes: The end of a dream “Islamic country”

Khalil al-Anani writes: End of dream " Islamic State"

Islamic movements have been raising the slogan stay “Islamic country” As one of its primary objectives. These movements have taken different paths in order to achieve this goal, where follow some peaceful approach, either through action lawsuit continuous or by engaging in the political process, or both, so that it is working to change society from the bottom up to the top and here evoke the experience of group “Muslim Brotherhood” That puts access to the Islamic government in the peace objectives that starts raising Muslim individual and ends with “Professorship world”. And others follow a violent radical approach to target the existing regulations and try to break it, as happened in Egypt during the seventies and eighties and then Algeria in the nineties, and the organization “Al-Qaeda” During the first decade of the new millennium. Contract expires until the proclamation of the Islamic State in Iraq in 2009, before that it includes Sham after Syrian Revolution failed to take off Bashar al-Assad until we got to the stage now had barely “ISIS”.
The organization “ISIS” Burning stages and announced the establishment of the State succession late June 2014 Which has become a haven and kiss each dreamers east and west establishment “Islamic country” Promised, and soon founded the organization almost entirely a system of governance through the establishment of various departments and sections to manage the daily tasks of the provision of services, and the protection of the roads, and management of the banks, and the sale of oil…etc.. Then the organization tried to export his model in the power and authority and ideology abroad, spread across its branches in more than one country, and was given a pledge of allegiance to the Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Prosecutor. The use of killing and torturing a nihilistic and Burberry Tools is a regulatory tools to prove his strength and terrorize his enemies.
But unlike what he wants supporters of the Islamic movement and advocates “Islamic idea” In the Arab world, it has succeeded “ISIS” In the destruction of any positive concept of the Islamic state that has become a synonym for”Beast” Breaker kills all around him in insanity and barbarity not seen human centuries ago. It has exceeded all crimes in what I did rebel movements that have emerged over the past century as a form of protest against the existing conditions. The issue is not only killing and destruction tools used by Aldoaash but religious and ideological justification for such acts practiced largest in history distortion of Islam and Muslims relate.
With all the killing and destruction exercised “Aldoaash”, They are destroying the concept of “Islamic country” That as long as the dream of Islamists be set up from the east to Morocco. From now on, it will not have any Islamic faction or an Islamic movement could explicitly announce his quest to establish an Islamic state, or even to defend those who raise slogans. The more the use of this term in the media and live debates on social networks, are evoke meanings of murder, violence and nihilism. So it can not understand some of the special support of young Islamists practices “ISIS” And justified. And if they have the proper amount of mind and thinking to discover that “ISIS” Is the most serious on their project, regardless of what it is and what it might be, from authoritarian regimes that oppressed and besieged. And they can not understand some of these young people to celebrate acts “Aldoaash” Only falling into the clutches of despair and frustration on the one hand, and the decline in the ability of preventive and educational Mhadhanhm their ideology on the other hand.
While acknowledging that the concept of “Islamic country” The concept itself is problematic both from a historical perspective (He also stressed that Wael Barber in his latest book “State Impossible”) Or jurisprudential Altoeselah, it may also fail at the hands of “Aldoaash” A political project. The example “ISIS” Aldavlata is a model “Nihilist” We do not care for individuals or spirits that are offered as a fuel and a scapegoat in order to take revenge and rebel against what exists. It is a model goes against the course of history while invoking the concepts of victory and conquest and savagery and captivity and slavery and the spoils of a separate historical context completely and trying to apply now. It is a model does not accept dialogue or negotiation and seen the world according to Vstasa good and evil, faith and disbelief all the way down standards of diversity and difference and diversity mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. It is a model as permissible boundaries and conventions, treaties and agreements do not recognize any laws or covenants.
In other words, Just as successful “ISIS” Burning stages and the proclamation of the Islamic state, it may also succeeded and is unrivaled in the destruction of this state and the concept of an idea in the minds of many. Islamists will have to not only reconsider the political efficacy of their project and their dream of the establishment “Islamic country”, But also to demonstrate its ability to stay in front of nihilistic model posed “Aldoaash”.

the source : Egypt and the Arab

Khalil al-Anani writes: The end of a dream “Islamic country”

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