Sep 22, 2023

Proof pipe writes: The fate of the Arabs give up in front of Washington and Tehran predominance

Western countries have achieved, have signed the nuclear deal in Vienna 14 July 2015, an important strategic achievement, from the standpoint of its interests, Moscow has provided its share of contribution in which, for barter, to meet future gains, the West could be guaranteed by Russia, in other locations, perhaps in the Middle East. وبعكس ما تقوله الدبلوماسية الغربية، لا يتمثل هذا الإنجاز في تأجيل البرنامج النووي العسكري لإيران، وإنما في إنهاء أكثر من ثلاثة عقود من العداء والحرب الباردة الإيرانية الغربية، وتجنب التورط في حرب مباشرة معها.
In contrast, Tehran has made, also, termination of these horrors, and Tsalhaa expected with the West, major gains to be reckoned with, the most important recognition of Iran, a major regional power, and therefore, the recognition of regional interests and the imperative to negotiate with them around, including the presence of militias and their role in the region. The second of these gains cancellation penalties lifting the international blockade around for decades, including that means the acceptance of the Iranian regime based as it is, and strengthen its presence and legitimize denied them for so long, because of the religious character and policies of expansion and adoption of terrorism, in all its forms, international and regional strategies to impose interests and expand its sphere of influence. Including Third, the conversion of Tehran outcast and outside the party on international law to a key player in any regional negotiations to come, and a partner is required and acceptable in solving regional conflicts that have contributed are the same in detonated. وبالتالي، الاعتراف لطهران بدور رئيسي في إعادة الأمن والسلام والاستقرار إلى المنطقة، وبحضور قوي ودائم في كل مشاوراتها. ولا أعتقد أن الرأي العام الغربي، أو الإيراني، سوف يعارض، في غالبيته الساحقة، إذا وضعنا جانبا استخدامه في استراتيجية الصراع على السلطة بين النخب الحاكمة هنا وهناك، هذا الإنجاز.
Who will answer for the Iranian Bank Reconciliation?
The main question we, who live in the area where covet Iran, and also subject to the hegemony of the West: What the fate of conflicts that have worsened in the Levantine region, on the sidelines of the first conflict? It will will contribute to resolving the dispute western Iran in the output region of the state of conflict and chaos generalized fed from this conflict? Or that the region is to be paid the price for this reconciliation in the future, as negotiations bill paid with the blood of their sons in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and other countries that have tried to Tehran, through to destabilize the country, show its strength, the pressure on the western negotiator?
Despite numerous indicators that drive to believe that what will happen after the agreement will not be different from what happened in order to be completed, but the answer is not present nor easy. I do not mean that it is possible to Washington, having secured the main interests in ending the conflict with Iran, that the change of Alenzuat keep pace with expansion of Tehran's policy, in the Levant, in order to safeguard the balance of the core area, or others to reassuring its allies in the Gulf. The policy states and their relationships to each other based on the estimate of the power and influence each other, it is possible to Washington that Iran's influence is a guarantee of a minimum of stability in the region, and even betting on its cooperation and its ability to mobilize “People crowd”, In order to meet Daash extremist organizations, and is a major interest of the West, after the postponement of Iran's nuclear bomb. In this case, Washington will ask the Arabs, too, other notice, to overlook Tehran's expansionist policies and sabotage, perhaps, more so, to support Iran in its effort against Daash, and cooperation with it as the state most capable of providing the militias needed to achieve this goal.
It does not mean that, also, the possibility that changes the anti any agreement between the West and Tehran Israeli position, from Washington's insistence, it is not hard to Tel Aviv to live, today, with the agreement as co-existed before with the possibility of making Iran a nuclear bomb in the previous period, without the ease of readiness for military intervention, when necessary, based on international custom that has evolved thereon and it is a state above any law. But I think that the Iranian leaders who built their reputations revolutionary with computers and Israel, also built by them with computers and the Great Satan, capable, and more quickly than imagined ideologues in our camp, at the heart of the leaves, and the holding of secret understanding, and even semi-publicly with Israel, if they realized that Regional policy will not receive any serious confrontation of the Arabs, and that they can share influence in the region with Tel Aviv, and retain, as a result, the Imperial Bparwahm. Israel refuses to recognize the will of Tehran, to include so-called Shiite crescent in exchange to include are the remains of the south of Syria, and launches her hand in the rest areas. This is the meaning of some Israeli officials claim states to recognize the annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights, the Syrian state under the pretext that no longer exist.
What I meant that an important part of the answer depends on us, or we will do what we are Arabs, and single out the Arab Mashreq countries, including the Gulf states, which finds itself today in the first line of defense, after the fall of Syria and Iraq under Iranian influence. If we restrict ourselves, in our view, as we do not always remain, to build our calculations on the logic of international interests analysis, whether those relating to the interests of the United States in general, and Israel and the West, and even some other Arab governments, instead of thinking about what we should we do about the developments regional, and what we can do, we will find there is any glimmer of hope that we will see things progressing ensures minimum of our interests. So we know whether we can stand in the face of an Iranian-American understanding gets at our expense, we should decide, first of all, we ourselves, what we want and what we have to do to influence as far as we can draw on the fate of the region. This means that what will determine whether the understanding will be at our expense or not is not what you want the other parties alone. But, what we want, and what can we do.
If we lost the will to defend ourselves and our interests, or at present only on the contradictions of foreign interests (For example, Israel, Iran, Turkey and Iran), Or we rely on the protection that is supposed to provide the United Nations, the so-called international conventions and laws, after we lost the true American protection, it would be the answer inevitably, we are, as we paid the price for the signing of the nuclear deal with the blood of our sons in Syria, and before the whole world, including the United Nations, should be dismissed for the crimes of genocide, and the use of chemical weapons, so as not to turbidity Joe international negotiations with Tehran, will pay for implementation of the agreement, and aims to him of reconciliation Iranian-Western, and more likelihood of a Russian reconciliation Western also. It has nothing to do with any hidden conspiracy, or prior understandings between Washington and Tehran, or any favor of the doctrine, the doctrine or religion or another religion account. State and monsters as a family do not hesitate to eat each other, if any, for that way, and there is no mercy in the struggle of peoples and nations, when lawless. Catastrophic events have shown the past five years there are no legal deterrents to any aggression, when converging interests between nations and groups, even within the same tribe. The poet is said Zuhair:
وَمَنْ لَـمْ يَـذُدْ عَنْ حَوْضِهِ بِسِلاحِهِ/ يُـهَدَّمْ وَمَنْ لا يَظْلِمِ الـنَّاسَ يُظْلَمِ
Is it a project to unite the Arab youth?
So as not to be the scapegoat Iranian Bank for reconciliation awaited for years, there is only one solution, is to be present. Means to be present Bmatna not Bgurena, and be Bmatna means that we are strongly of our peoples and our unity, and we feel our responsibilities and we carry, and we have our plans and strategies and defenses, and means of maintaining our security, protect our rights, that is, our perceptions are clear and agreed-upon national and Arab interests common, independent of the interests of the ruling elites and systems, which can be justified, as happened in Syria, the alliance with the enemies of the guarantee, even if that leads to the destruction of the country, and the displacement of people and the collapse of the state. This means, also, that we recognize for our peoples the right to freely discuss our affairs and criticism of our policies and the development of our plans and our choices, this is the content of strategic thinking. This is the function of policy that were deprived of the fruit of the Arab peoples, during the long decades, to calculate the rule by force and oppression and terrorism.
This Matrouh before to sign the nuclear agreement, and required, whether signed or not. It is about our existence and our fate and the fate of our countries, the conditions of life of our people and our values. Our problem is, so far, we have been absent from ourselves, or overshadowed ourselves for the benefit of other parties that we believe Her Alsolh round and strength, that decide our destiny from within its report, the fate of the entire world, and we have no choice but to appeasement or acquiescence, and the result of strategic resignations which are added to political and moral resignations towards our future and the fate of our people.
We need to reform our affairs, both changed Washington or Tehran of its policy towards us, or did not change, and whether the alliance with Turkey succeeds or does not succeed. And we needed him to Tehran before the start of its nuclear program, and after the signing of the pause, before they interfere in our affairs, and even more today, which is roaming in our countries and the fragmentation of our societies. Arab Spring Ajhadhana did not work to respond to the aspirations of our peoples instead of, but in the deepening of the gap that we have emboldened others. What happened to us, in the past years, the predominance of Iran and we disregard the West our rights and our will and cashed considering our interests and giving us is the result of ill-organized and our organization, and floundering our policies, and the weakness of our choices, and our failure to achieve the minimum of our duties towards our communities. It's the fruit we abandon our people and our commitments Khiantna.
Our main problem is we. We stay in this turbulent era, without the principle of national mosque, divided ourselves inside our countries, and between our governments, in bright carved up regional and international ambitions, undermine our capabilities and deprives us of any hope of maintaining our interests, now and in the future. What we do not do a real review of national, regional and international policies, we would be easy prey for every greedy Us. It is not enough, in this area, tinkering with our relationship with the Arab / Arabic, nor reforms formal community-based systems are corrupt and Failing, and increased spending on security forces and armies, ammunition and weapons, and bet on the contrary to the interests of foreign countries, it prevents the hostility and the contradictions of the interests of countries that are monsters predators, to reach an understanding, to share our bodies, if we allow ourselves to turn to easy prey and grabs.
We need political and community project, to inspire young people and Ihamshm, and corrects fifty years of Options Erroneous and weak national policies, and responding to the aspirations of generations to integrate into the world to keep pace with the times and values. The only alternative regression to medieval traditions and values “ISIS” And the dust bowl.
There is no political project without broad popular base, the strength of Turkey today stems from its success in uniting the Turks about developmental revolution, and the project to catch up with the West and equated. It is in fact a project of modern Turkey, since the emergence of Union and Progress and the Atatürk Revolution Party, though it has been restored today Islamic pall. As for Iran, it is re-embrace the old Shah project, and mobilize people on the draft regional hegemony, sectarian and national superiority, taking advantage of the momentum provided by the popular revolution that has taken religious character.
For the Arabs, there is no other project can restore them to the Spirit, and unite the ranks of their youth, and frees their energies only Arab Spring Project, which sacrificed in the process of their lives, and all I have, and I stood in the face, and still is, all the forces of inertia and darkness and corruption, domestic and foreign. Work to meet the demands of freedom, justice, dignity, equality and building the Arab system, local and regional, to do so, is the only project possible and viable, rule of tyranny to an end, there will be no other alternative, only exacerbate division and chaos, defeat and ruin.
the source: Egypt and the Arab

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