Sep 28, 2023


The stock market lose 1.6 Billion pounds by the end of today's trading session

خسر رأس المال السوقي الإجمالي بنهاية جلسة تعاملات اليوم الاثنين، 1.6 Billion pounds, died from the direction of the Egyptian and Arab investors tended towards selling, while foreign purchases failed to support the market.

The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange "EGX30" and fell 1.46 Percent, to close at 7887.87 Point, as "EGX70" index - which measures medium and small stock performance - fell by 1.43 Percent, to close at 440.08 point.

This amounted to the broader scope of the losses and "EGX100" 0.77 Percent, to close at 910.37 Points, while the total market capitalization of the listed stocks in the market at record 485.430 Opposite 487.125 Billion pounds in the previous session.

Net Egyptian and Arab investors sales amounted to 16.2 Million pounds and 4.2 Million pounds, respectively, while foreign investors tended towards purchasing transactions and net purchases 20.538 Million pounds.

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