Sep 28, 2023

300 Disaster in the first year Sisi awarded the title of "Jinx"

Egypt passed their biggest disasters eras with the beginning of the era of the military coup leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and continues to suffer even now from black gloomy after the coup on legitimacy and isolate President Mohamed Morsi, the first elected civilian president before the completion of the electoral duration.

The last of these disasters, the sinking of "one of the boats Warraq in" in the waters of the Nile, after Asaddamh to "sandal" belonging to one of the companies, and nearly drowned 38 Egyptians who had been on board.

According to experts and specialists, the year saw the first-Sisi 300 Disaster, between terrorist incidents, bombings, and killed outside the framework of the law, and road accidents and drowning phrases, and toxic substances in the waters of the Nile, and the collapse of bridges, and other incidents that authorized the Egyptians used to hear since the Sisi rule in Egypt.

Dr. Mustafa Al-Halawani, a professor of law at Cairo University, that despite the issuance of Sisi many laws to combat what is described as "terrorism", but there are 225 The process was described as "terrorist" in the era of Sisi.

, He explained professor of law at Cairo University that the laws passed by Sisi will not eliminate "terrorism", pointing out that despotism is what provides the incubator for this "terrorism".

Highlight the most prominent disasters and crises that have shaped shock to the Egyptians on the one hand, and created a sensation in the Egyptian street on the other hand, it was confined to 15 Disaster:

Soldiers killed in Sinai

Catastrophic attack on the headquarters of a security or a camp for soldiers in the Sinai, by the armed organizations, has become a frequent are the other in the era of Sisi, the attacks and the killing of hundreds of soldiers left.

And revealing power in Egypt, the real numbers of the number of dead from the army, police or civilians or even the militants in the Sinai, but that unofficial statistics indicate the deaths of nearly 700 recruits on the territory of Sinai, in the first power-Sisi.


In addition to the murders and the filter which is made of many civilians in the Sinai, and faced the people of Sinai, during the year-Sisi first in power, forced displacement of people and the population operations, in order to create a buffer zone with Gaza to Tel Aviv's security, according to opponents.

Roasted 18 Student at the lake collision accident

It was roasted about 18 Student in Lake County, one of the disasters that have terrorized the Egyptians in the first months of rule by Sisi; where was the bus Schools Astqlh students near the village, "Anwar al-Mufti," Beheira, had roasted after colliding with a car loaded with gasoline in the month of November 2014, resulting in a roasted bodies 18 Students and wounding 18 Including serious cases, they have been transferred to the Damanhour General Hospital at the time.

The collapse of several bridges

Just two days after a bus accident roasted lake on ways after death, an accident-long bridge collapse 25 Meters on ibrahimiya canal in Giza, to open more crisis are "bridges of Death", which is now threatening the lives of citizens top and bottom, especially after the collapse of repetition in the era of Sisi.

During the two years of the military coup, more than collapsed 11 Bridge in the various governorates of Egypt, some of which resulted in injuries and deaths, some of which caused only material damage.

theft 60 A piece of the Roman Museum in Alexandria

Among the exotic disasters that occurred during the reign of Sisi, the unknown, in the month of April, stealing 60 Roman artifact from the museum store area Mustafa Kamel Alexandria; where the store contains the museum's holdings on a temporary basis pending the completion of its restoration and re-opening.

The assassination of Attorney General

Formed the assassination of public prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, a new catastrophe to the Egyptians in the era of Sisi, the incident and opened many questions and debate about the mastermind of the incident and those who stand behind them, especially that the security services did not reveal the perpetrators after about a month after and they happen.

The sinking of phosphate in the waters of the Nile

Apart from train accidents, cars and explosions, the River Nile is the other was on a date with disaster in the era of Alsse unique; where he signed, in the month of April, within the waters of the Nile over 500 Tons of phosphate without the government announces that the source of phosphate and for causing the fall in the waters of the Nile, was also assigned the same job for the citizens awareness campaigns to warn of the dangers and disadvantages.

Repeat the subway incidents

MRT also witnessed many accidents and collisions in the era of Sisi; where occurred around 5 Accidents, was the last of these incidents stop the movement of trains Third Line subway; because of train collision Abbasid station, and one of them out of the wall of the tunnel.

High suicide rate

Suicide rates in Egypt have risen in an unprecedented way in the era of Sisi, especially among the youth, to the extent the arrival of suicides in a single month for more than 12 Case, the facts that formed a huge shock to Egyptians.

According to specialists, the increasing rates of suicide during the recent period, most of which was due to financial crises experienced by the suicide bombers, especially the rising cost of living in Egypt, after the government embarked on the removal of subsidies for the poor and low-income people.

Filter opponents

Despite the passage of Egypt many of the repressive and Aldictaorah systems, however, that the era of Sisi uniqueness, according to observers, the liquidation of dissidents in their homes at the hands of the security services, which are facts that are repeated in an unprecedented way in the era of Sisi and constitute a major disaster for the Egyptians since the beginning of this year.

The last of those incidents, the liquidation 9 Of leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, inside an apartment Sixth of October Giza; under the pretext of their opposition to the security forces with weapons during arrest.

The slaughter of Egyptians in Libya

During Sisi also signed slaughter incident 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya, at the hands of elements said they Followers for "state regulation"; Sisi response to interventions in the Libyan affairs.

Power outages for Maspero

In a rare precedent it did not occur in the history of Egypt at all, the power supply is cut off from the Federation of Radio and Television building official state "Maspero", and blackened all channels, and transmission parts for all radio stations for several minutes during the current year.

Media coup

In spite of the increase in such disasters and dogged, but that the media pro-authority (Private and government) Deliberately ignored mentioned, but looking for a justification for her, unlike the attacking President Mohamed Morsi and the government of Prime Minister Hisham Qandil, and to hold them responsible for any incident.

Sisi ignore disasters in the means of the Egyptian media, front pay honest Revolution, to claim the Egyptian media as Sisi as "Jinx", as they did with President Morsi in incidents unrelated to the.

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