Sep 28, 2023

Walid Sharaby wrote: Coiled judge Bmlaah!

Chancellor Walid Sharabi through his personal Pfispock wrote a commentary on the nationality of the bribery scandal adviser “Rami Abdul Hadi” .. Which came in Tdwinth :

Coiled judge Bmlaah
Only in the Mother of the World wraps judge Balmlaah, and over time revealed that all the judges who have accepted themselves to be shoes on the feet of the soldiers are between the thief and Mrchi and corrupt, and floating on the surface scandals between now and then, and the hero of the scandal today is Judge Rami Abdul Hadi Prime Misdemeanor Nasr City, and before you explain the fact that sexual bribery was arrested because of them that the reader should know some background about (Abu wrap Sheets) His father was a brigade of the armed forces (Peace to the soldiers of Earth) Before recently to retire, and this is the fruit of Trepth, while his son Rami was exploited by the military to rule on a lot of issues that had them in a certain direction and the hue and these issues
This Shamekh been sentenced to Galilee adviser Hassan al-Najjar former governor of East, and the President of Zagazig Club former judges, and the President of the Court of Appeal by imprisonment for a term of two years by claiming that he participated in a demonstration in support of President Mohamed Morsi.
President (Previous) Hosni Mubarak may provide grievance on the decision of the custody of the public prosecutor against him in the seizure of public money and profiteering and graft cases, accident of fate that displays the grievance on this Bowler Abdulhadi (Judge son of Army officer) And the neutrality of the judge and Shoumoukh known for the Egyptian judiciary before Rami grievance Mubarak and the rescinding of the decision issued by the prosecutor against Mubarak.
Rami (Abu wrap Sheets) Has issued a ruling on the five students from Al-Azhar University five years imprisonment and a fine of 100 000 pounds for each of them after accusations demonstrate against military rule, Voqmn A_i_kala the judgment before the same judge (Cabbage Balmlaah) But the honor and honesty and his conscience may have imposed it files its challenge students refused and continue to implement the punishment for them.
Perhaps one of the issues considered by the judge (Abu wrap Sheets) And that ran Egyptian public opinion recently - and that they do not deserve - the case in which the so-called Ahmed Moussa accused because of Osama Ghazali Harb, a lawyer and was present with the accused Murtaza Mansour !!! Imagine with me what Aamamn accused the honor of Ahmed Musa's lawyer politely answer with him Murtaza Mansour Ahan brings with him before a judge immaculate uniforms Rami Abdul Hadi judgment remains possible be eh ??? The innocence of course
But what Matzalh O Osama Vihash need to Ti_tm little Ahan days if states coup Ateixr be possible insult Bti_tmha who is now the best you bacterium.
Play luck played with Ahmed Musa The same judge who sentenced him guilty in the case Sep Osama Ghazali Harb seen another case accused them because of Hisham Geneina, but Ahmed Moussa thousand innocence of Rami Abdul Hadi, friendly Rami became known he issued his sentence again acquittal .
But the oppressed calls in the coup prisons hit Rami Abu Sheets winding and the regulatory agencies record a phone conversation between him and the woman is the aunt of the three girls Soeriat agreed with Rami on the exercise of the underworld with the three girls in exchange for the settlement of the issue of her sight in front of him, and agreed with them to meet them at one of the tourist resorts in the north coast he was captured red-handed, was confronted recordings during the investigations carried out with him .
If the sexual bribery is the way to Rami Abdul Hadi Prime Misdemeanor Court of Nasr City to get to the provisions for the benefit of one of the litigants, it is the reader's right to be called imagination and infer how he got Mubarak and Ahmed Musa provisions for their benefit and why the judge cabbage issued in Almlaah provisions condemning adviser Jalil Hassan al-Najjar and girls Azhar Tahir .
But this scandal may make coup seeking to maintain Rami has provided Pfsadh adoption papers have not ruled out that the reservation of his case and that the papers back to work soon.
Thank God fulfilled his promise to the coup and Egypt remained the world leader Ed Long live Egypt and long live Egypt

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