Sep 28, 2023

Egyptian government magazine: Sold Egypt we find our interests with Iran. And Iranian media celebrates

Celebrated Iranian Al-Alam news report published in the journal “Rose Al-Youssef” The Egyptian government, tension on the Saudi-Egyptian relations under the title “Saudi Arabia has sold Egypt”And “Back-Egyptian relations – Iran's more of a necessity”.

She said the world channel that the Egyptian magazine, pointed out that “Salman greeted King Khaled Meshaal to build bridges with the Muslim Brotherhood Yemen shake the bridge between the two allies”And that the Saudi media is attacking Egypt, he told reporters that even the Saudis described 30 June b”Coup”, According to the magazine.


It seems that the Iranian media follow and accurately, in the current period each intake Egyptian media on relations with Saudi Arabia, where hailed agency IRNA by an article published by the diplomatic editor Ahmed Abdul Hadi al-Alam, editor of Al-Ahram, the Egyptian government newspaper criticized from which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The agency quoted the official Iranian news ” IRNA” Nchertaha on both Arabic and Persian lengthy paragraphs from an article Allam Mohammed Abdul Hadi, editor of Al-Ahram, during which launched a strong attack on Saudi Arabia and its policy in the region ” See the photos below” .

She highlighted the agency “IRNA” praise “Pyramids” بإيران وديبلوماسيتها ونجاحها في توقيع اتفاق تاريخي مع الدول الكبرى بشأن برنامجها النووي ، وتحميله للسعودية مسؤولية الفشل العربي في هذا الملف .

Alam also highlighted criticism of what he described as”Saudi Arabia planning to confront Iran for ways to raise the fire of strife between Sunnis and Shiites and contain Sunni extremist groups “.

He Observers Andhachehem which published by the magazine, and they saw an escalation in the media surprise, comes after a meeting with foreign ministers of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and ministers in the kingdom, which dampened where would the rumors about the existence of a crisis in relations between the two countries, would Meshaal's visit to Saudi Arabia recently.


Strong evidence of apathy between Egypt and Saudi Arabia


Reported “Rosa Lyvsf” In its reasons considered evidence of tension in relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the most important to consider Egypt to the Syrian and Libyan crises from a different angle from what you see Kingdom.


ورأت أن السعودية تدعم “Syrian opposition consisting of (Salafi Muslim Brotherhood victory) According to the magazine, he believes that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's departure is the only solution to end the crisis in Syria.


And see the magazine in referring to Egypt's attitude toward the Syrian crisis that it is possible to reach a peace agreement preserves a place for Bashar al-Assad in the transition period, and believes that the threat situation in the Syrian President Assad is not, but militants. Bilateral and position of Libya not much different from Syria.


The magazine went on to Convergence “Russian Egyptian” It does not also come to the liking of the Kingdom during the reign of King Salman, Saudi and Turkish rapprochement cause a lump to the Egyptian regime after Erdogan's position on the revolution 30 June, and standing against the Egyptian administration in favor of the Brotherhood”, As described.


And pointing out what is published by the Saudi media about Egypt, and what the media writes Jamal Khashoggi, who some say is the voice of the royal palace, confirmed “Rose Al-Youssef” What should that stop him is an article writer Ziad Drees newspaper life last Wednesday under the title “Egypt in deep deep state and the people”, As he described what happened in 30 June 2013 Indirectly, b”Coup”, Note that he served as Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the UNESCO in Paris.


Said Rose Al-Youssef: “Saudi Arabia is now regarded as a potential ally of the Muslim Brotherhood in the fight against regional expansion to Iran, or to become Egypt on the same line with the kingdom next to the Brotherhood, Qatar and Turkey, against her will, and only Feltzhb Relations (With Egypt) go to hell”.


Relations with Iran is an urgent need


She asked Rose Al-Youssef: “What is stopping to look at what is in the interests of the Egyptian state? The inhibitor melt the ice accumulated in the years between Egypt and Iran? And why we continue to consider the issue of Egyptian-Iranian relations a red line that should not be going into it? What's the harm of restoring ties between Cairo and Iran?”


The magazine pointed out that after the historic agreement between the United States and five other countries with Tehran over its nuclear program, the Egyptian state can on the sidelines of this agreement greatly benefit.

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