Oct 2, 2023

Gamal Sultan writes: Asthaav State!

Scene which affiliated Egyptian intellectuals in particular, yesterday in an interview Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab Prime Minister a few number of cultural and artistic personalities belonging mostly to the Egyptian left, the detector is a scene of mentality, which manages the state, and the extent of respect for itself and its role, and also detector severe vibration experienced by the pillars of the state, and weak confidence Pachtaaradtha and capabilities and policies, but also that the state detector operates as if it were an isolated islands, each ministry Island operate according to its vision and its project and programs, and the only link is that satisfy the first or perhaps the only man in power . Leftist intellectuals group requested a meeting with the Prime Minister, why, in order to inform him that it is the consent of the functional changes made by the Minister of Culture Abdul Wahid of the Prophet, and the minister himself in the end “Mesh Aajpna” , Of course, the statement issued by the group, did not speak so clearly, but formats Mohmh terms, as if it were a meeting brotherly in a cafe in downtown Cairo, and film director Khaled Youssef published a statement before the interview, also published a statement on behalf of intellectuals after the interview, he said in a statement Second : (Statement of intellectuals and artists gathered with Mr. Prime Minister, I finish a short while ago our meeting with Mr. Prime Minister, who listened with great interest to a group of intellectuals and artists who reviewed all the dilemmas that prevent the existence of a comprehensive cultural vision contribute to the building of the Egyptian man and our ability as a society in addressing the challenges phase as was explaining the cultural landscape details and mishandling by those on the different cultural institutions have understood sovereignty of all axes that are talked about intellectuals and artists group and promised to study well and work to resolve them a solution has already been carried and thank intellectuals and creators sovereignty to the spaciousness of his chest and express their deep appreciation for the understanding and full consciousness of the importance of the role of culture and creativity in human and home building) . And record the names of Khalid what he called “Creators” They are participants in the meeting, : Writer Wahid Hamed ..ahaar Mr. Veil Member of the Committee session …Novelist Joseph wheelchair-bound full-time Chairman of the Supreme Council of Culture …Director Mohamed Fadel …Daoud Abdel Sayed director ,, artist Mohamed Abla ,, novelist Ibrahim Abdel Meguid ….Director Amr Abdel Aziz, Chairman of the Union of Professional Unions ….Artist Firdaus Abdul Hamid ,, Massad Fouda captain filmmakers ,,, poet Jamal Bakhit ,,, theater director Essam Mr. …Product Mohammed Justice member of the Chamber film industry ,,,, Laila Alawi member of the Chamber film industry ,,, Film Fawzi Alawamra ,,,, Film forget ,,, Khaled Youssef Abu Seif Chairman of the cinema Supreme Council for Culture and the fifty Edoganh .. Prime Minister “Eng.” The contractor and former Minister of Housing Ibrahim Mahlab intellectuals met to discuss with them the conditions of culture and creativity, not quite, but that the prime minister will meet a group of intellectuals to discuss the affairs of the Egyptian culture in the absence of the minister in charge, the minister of culture, because “Creators” Stipulated that do not attend the meeting is humiliation eye and Asthaav State, why, because all what was said Khaled Youssef from the meeting is Tahjas empty words, and the meeting was clearly a tip and asked the prime minister to come to them with the Minister a new culture and to get their consent before his appointment, This was uncovered by Siddiq Ibrahim Abdel Meguid, one who participated in the meeting, which carp him to take part in the session and betrayal and inciting such, so he could express his opinion in the minister told the public opinion project political as cash and not conspired to minister in the semi-secret sessions, conducted Ibrahim After the meeting, a press interview in which he said clearly that the meeting was with Mahlab : To display their vision and their crisis with Dr Abdul Wahid Prophet, Minister of Culture, said Ibrahim as saying : The most important themes that have been presented and discussed with “mahaleb” Is to provide a comparison between the Dr Abdul Wahid Prophet, Baqalthm from their posts in various Egyptian Ministry of Culture sectors, and relies This comparison to highlight what made by these leaders of success during her tenure this position, and how he was before taking this position, and then compared to that in compared to figures brought about by “Nabawi” As an alternative to these leaders that have not been a renewal of a new term, and trying to figure out what they have in presenting the culture of life to be a good enough reason and compelling evidence on their eligibility in their choice instead of the leaders who has not “Nabawi” Renew them in office) , Then clearly revealed that they had requested from Mahlab isolate the Minister of Culture because it is not the weight of someone hating him, and said they had asked Ibrahim Mahlab, it is stated : (Asks that all cultural institutions in its opinion about the names of candidates to take over the portfolio of the Ministry of Culture, especially since most of the Egyptian state institutions, cultural and community on diversity, were not known achievements of the Minister of Culture, and everyone kept repeating one question: Who is Abdul Wahid prophetic?) Prime Minister deals with the Minister as “Weakling” , And accept that he gets a small sum of intellectuals in order to tell him that Zirak fiddling and a nobody and you change it, then do not appoint any minister place only after the take we have seen it, of course, this is not the tutelage of the culture and the state together, but “The lack of value” From the prime minister, and the government, reveal that the Egyptian state Hunt to itself and to its own people in an unprecedented way .

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