Dec 6, 2023

A decision of the Saudi Minister of Education opened classes for teaching the Koran for the first time in public schools

Grants and Education Minister Azzam Al-Dakhil day mandate to directors of education areas and provinces to open classes for teaching the Koran in general education schools, to be attended by students wishing according to several controls.


And select mainstream of the minister to be the appropriations for these chapters through a committee headed by Education and assistant director of Academic Affairs and Assistant school affairs and director of the Islamic Awareness and managers of educational supervision, and to apply in those chapters approach Koranic schools according to each stage, the students nominated at the request of their parents so that it is have the right to choose their children in the continuation or transferred to general education classes, according to the regulations in force.


And will be paid need these chapters, according to the "Riyadh", the SAVE teachers of the Department of Education, and provided assessments of teachers public schools and teaching the Koran that does not result in the admission of students in these classes get a financial reward, do not count these chapters ratio within the approved schools memorization.

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