Sep 23, 2023

Hisham Geneina: There is a case communicate with Hamas is preparing against me to shut up

He attacked the head of the Central Auditing Organization, Hisham Geneina, a minister in the government of Ibrahim Mahlab, unnamed of being behind the media campaign that targeted, stressing that there is a dossier on charges of spying with Hamas, and its association with the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist jihadist.
Said Hesham Geneina, in an interview published “AlMasry Alyoum”Saturday, of the need to remove him from his post several charges, to the extent of up to ridicule, but the man who is nearing the end of his presidency to the most important regulatory device in Egypt confirms: “If the president asked me to submit my resignation I will immediately”.
He stressed the “That there is an attempt of some suites that had its interests with the Mubarak regime for the liquidation of all symbols of revolution 25 In January, and what is happening now on the scene of the issues to be prepared, and its goal to get rid of all of his opinion or attitude that led to the Revolution”.

It was considered that “Whenever the growing role of the institution of the State is trying to fight against corruption, the war was a fierce battle with the institution, and on her head, pervasive corruption in many institutions in the state, including the Central Auditing Organization, I am a believer that the more intense the attack ferocity I am on the right path, if silent on corruption and fight it, was directed arrows of slander and distortion towards me”.
He suggested that the victim of a campaign led by the Minister of Justice ulna against him, saying, “Then the people's mind, and I can not confiscate acumen and intelligence, some believe that people are stupid and Andhash linking of events “Ahimna de decree after the coming of the ulna and the justice minister less than a month?”And, if Hisham Geneina was harmful to national security, why was he left years under the chairmanship of Chancellor Adly Mansour, and with President-year-old Sisi, why suddenly become a threat?”.
Vshdd “I have information that some are trying to fabricate accuse me of collaborating with Hamas, there are hidden fingers measure seeks to intrigue me after the end of the fierce media campaign, the setting of this fabricated case now, but I have great confidence that justice will be done against these”.
He added “The campaign financed by businessmen linked to the Minister in charge of currently exploited his position to obtain private my family data, through its relationship to some security leaders and the use of some media to mobilize against me, public opinion, and that the whole intention of intimidating the prosecution revealed cases of corruption affected some of them will come a time soon to detect them”.
And mocked “garden”, Of the charges against him, most notably the affiliation of the Muslim Brotherhood, which he considers “Hrtlh”, Says that the talk about having weapons and missiles Grad “Futility”, And”So to must charge of the security services it”.
And see Hisham Geneina, which is one of the so-called symbols “Stream independence of the judiciary” Previously, that there are attempts to liquidate the revolution Codes 25 In January, and confirms that corruption has spread over more than thirty years because of the absence of the role of regulatory bodies and weaken, and the violation of constitutional and legal rights of the people, and the collapse of the system of values ​​and ethics.
He said that “What throughput of some biased media, is only the lies did not amount to be charged, because the only point of the charge owned by the judiciary and not the media. Charges are not only fiduciary jihadist Salafist, but the charge was preceded Balokhounh and join a group of judges in order to Egypt and accused of inciting a fourth statement, and Lanier own a nightclub run My wife“.
He explained that those behind this campaign, some businessmen who have a relationship with the Minister is currently exploited his influence to get the private my family some security leaders Information, and the promotion of these lies from a group of hired journalists who unfortunately insult to the vast majority of journalists honorable, and those known about them earn a living to challenge the reputation and honor of the citizens and give families account for themselves the right to grant national instruments and loyalty to the homeland”.
Vzad “As well as I did not use my job to sell state-owned land allocated for public interest for any of the relatives of the authority My wife As it did the minister, and I call for the devices that gave him information about the life of my family own, to investigate the financial discharged and the application of graft even take hold of the masses of the people that no one is above the law nor a sheltering his job”.
He continued his dialogue in the Garden, “When these failed attempts at distorting and distortion of my family, Fabtdawa a new indictment to belong family and I My wife Salah al-Din Brigades in Palestine and communicating with Hamas, and that the mother My wife That at the age of 80 Year-on relationship with Israel, and another talk about the presence of locusts missiles at a farm owned by my wife and her family Sharqia, they claimed that they adjoin the daughter of al-Qaradawi”.
He explained the Garden “Indeed, the neighbors are Dr. Abdul Aziz Hijazi and Dr. Atef Ebeid, president and former Minister of Egypt, and many of the military and security leaders, and in fact this unfortunate words”.
He called on his opponents to prosecute him on what they say, “I say to all those who have something against Hisham Geneina or his wife or his children, the progress of the investigation to the parties, because I simply am not above accountability, but since you are representatives of public opinion, I assure that all the lies and(Hrtlh), Although promoters did not initiate these rumors to submit documentation supporting their communications to destinations investigation, I am I will submit to communications against them, accusing them of libel and defamation”.
He said the Garden, “I do not understand how some people consider marriage to a Palestinian crime, knowing that my wife of a Palestinian father and mother Egyptian, all of whom lived on the soil of this country and got the Egyptian nationality, and relatives of my wife have nothing to do whatsoever with Hamas, mostly in the important centers of the Palestinian Authority, and her cousin your pilot to Palestinian President Abu Mazen, and another was a former ambassador to Libya, some of whom joined the wire of the judiciary in Egypt, I do not understand the truth in the charges under the grant Egyptian nationality relatives, and for this I wonder: “Are Egyptian nationality to Mtkhabran?”.
Vzad “One of the relatives My wife He was president of the Cairo Court of Appeal, was also the man Mtkhabra?. I say to all of echoed all these lies defect that Tkhoadwa in the reputation of families, Failh my wife one of the largest Palestinian families known for their patriotism and concern for the Egyptian national security, and I am honored by this lineage and tell everyone this is not the Egyptian ethics afternoon, which is not engaged in the biography and the reputation of respectable families”.
And that the record “This farm belongs to my wife and her family farms within Adlah Association, and bought the banner years of the armed forces since the pilot, and by the way this Assembly was headed by Major General Mounir Sabet, the brother of Suzanne Mubarak.. Is this a crime?”.
He said, “My personal conviction that I was not intended to issue this law, especially that Decree Law did not address the CAA alone, but it addresses the regulatory agencies and independent bodies, and in all cases, I am convinced that the president is confident in the performance of the role of the CAA, in addition to that, if these systematic campaign to defame me, and accusations employment and belonging to communicate correctly, you had the president issued a decree appointing my daughter in the Administrative Prosecution last year?”.
He pointed out that “Members device segment of the community, and possible ask how much of them, and the way the members of the device they want to organize a protest, and when that sale! I told them this defect is not worthy of the members of the machine, Vaguetrhawwa demonstration on the steps of the Journalists' Syndicate, told them not true of the members of the supervisory system, This talk will take you, and responded that the law is not aimed at Hisham Geneina alone, but also targeted members of the device. It is our right to express an opinion and challenge it, especially as it eliminates granted to them by the Constitution and the law guarantees”.

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