Sep 24, 2023

Wael Kandil writes: Why Shaaban no longer hates Israel?

Not the nation's land and people and the Government, only that, but before all that, come creed.
Tell me about the doctrine of the rulers of Egypt these days.. Do they have only the doctrine of extortion, and the principle of profit and earn a living?
Why in their conscience on the issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict, for example?
How do they see Palestine, and how they look to Israel?
According to the putty spending policy, even fermentation, the judgments come and go, depending on the weather, the Palestinian resistance is considered a form of terrorism, and decline jurisdiction to consider the Zionist enemy and a terrorist entity.
According to statements made by the ruling, it is proud to work to protect the security of the Zionist occupation, and the Sinai War in order to not be a threat to him.
According to the statements of politicians pounding Israel and its military personnel, the Abdel Fattah al-Sisi “Governor of the cat” In their view, and that of the instrument and play services to their advantage, exceeded expectations, but the wishes and dreams.
Arab and regional levels, the Egyptian regime establishes relations, enmity and friendship, on the basis of grants and aid, financially and politically, to become the enemy is of utter a word against its repressive practices and violations of the continuing of Rights and Freedoms, which does not applaud or equivalent, for his crimes against humanity. The beloved friend and neighbor, it gives the rice without the expense, and adopt, diplomatically, without debate. Here, it is natural that Israel find its subject in the list of friends and sponsors of the system, from the Arabs, Persians.
In contrast, the Palestine becomes a burden and are heavy, at the heart of the system that takes the measures announced, confirming the fact that it is on the lookout for all that supports the resistance of the Palestinian people steadfast, of states or civil and international organizations, even if they demonstrated in some occasions as a human and Arabization, as is holds in the tragedy of the Palestinian baby burn at the hands of settlers, taking into account the historical truth that says there is no difference in the Zionist entity between a military and a civilian, or endemic political and official, all of them military, all of them Zionists.
Take your own.. Barely hours on the tragedy burn baby, even the Minister of Awqaf out in Abdel Fattah al-Sisi system made a statement against two Islamic entities, known to be pleased with the support for the struggle of the Palestinian people, and the absolute rejection of normalization with the Zionist enemy, first “Azhar Scholars Front” Egypt, which appeared in the mid-nineties of the last century, after “Oslo”, Where he was Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, the Mufti of the Mubarak regime then an old man to Ozahrh, adopts a very friendly approach with the rabbis of Israel, intense hostility with the idea of ​​jihad against the occupier, strict condemnation of martyrdom operations carried out by Palestinians, in defense of their presence and in order to preserve their survival, and was “Azhar Scholars Front” As the other Islamic voice to confront the flood / official religious normalization.
The other entity is the “International Union of Muslim Scholars” Which includes beacons of Islamic thought in this nation, led by Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Dr. Rashid Ghannouchi, and takes upon himself the task of mobilizing the nation in defense of Al-Aqsa and the holy sites, and to support the struggle of the Palestinian people.
All of these reasons is sufficient to look very, Minister of Awqaf to the coup regime issued a statement yesterday, which is both “Al-Azhar scholars” And”Muslim scholars” Of terrorist entities, thus announced, and the smell of burning skin Palestinian infant martyr still piles of atmosphere, without that dare to be regarded as the Zionist occupation is the other terrorist.
Not only did the Minister of Awqaf Sisi so, but vowed strict punitive measures, against the evidence of his membership of, or support, the two entities.
That is the doctrine of the current system, which is expressed in different formulas, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Minister Ooagafh, and citizens honest people, who Vodoh death and the shedding of the blood, such as that merchant Alborsaidy who put a banner petition of cloth, in front of his shop, and spread on social networking sites, yesterday, and which he says “We have a new channel and aircraft Rafale and F-Sixteen, and the days of Turkey and Qatar brighter clay”.
Their faith is: We love Israel, and the ground under the feet of Nbos donors rice.. And antagonize Turkey, Qatar and the Palestinian resistance.
Mubarak's regime was exchanging toasts with Israel, in secret and in public, but he closes his eyes for Qumajah professional screaming in microphones and against Almancitat “enemy”, Deaf ears and for Shaaban, popular singer, he exclaims “I Hate Israel”, But now it has Alqumajah activity is no longer required to hate them Shaaban Israel.
Will come another generation struggling enemy, not Rkika honest representation, and hates Israel, a moral principle, does not sing about it, or pay.

the source : Arab New

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