Sep 24, 2023

Video.. The first appearance of Mullah Mansour CHANGE new leader of the Taliban during pledge allegiance

Noon Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, in a video broadcast regulation “Taliban” In Afghanistan, during the pledge of allegiance to the new leader of the organization after the announcement of the death of Mullah Omar. He called on the new leader of the Afghan Taliban, members of the movement to the Union and the rejection band, stressing continue to approach the late leader of the organization Mullah Omar. According to the emirate site of the organization CHANGE Mansour said in his speech after the allegiance of a large number of members of his Ltinayzm: “There is no doubt that the position of leadership in such a difficult and closed conditions heavy to carry, and the responsibility of arduous, and ask God to help me out, and I ask him every success and stability, and the officials be appointed leadership and support them, not to go sacrifices Jihad, which lasted for several decades in vain, and we hope it says that this convoy is connected to its desired goal”.

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