Oct 3, 2023

Human Rights Watch: filtering 9 Of brothers Egypt " unlawful killing was tantamount to execution."

وصفت منظمة هيومن رايتس ووتش تصفية تسعة من قيادات الإخوان بمصر بأنه “Unlawful killing tantamount to execution Outside the framework of the judiciary”.

وقالت المنظمة إن تصفية القياديين التسعة في جماعة الإخوان المسلمين في الأول من يوليو/تموز الماضي على أيدي قوات الأمن المصرية داخل أحد الشقق السكنية في منطقة السادس من أكتوبر؛ هو “Unlawful killings may amount to extrajudicial executions”.

The news organization eyewitness accounts Security confirmed the arrest of nine leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, and fingerprinted, and tortured before being killed; and not, as promoted by the authorities that he was an exchange of fire before being liquidated.

The organization said it has documented the role of security forces in enforced disappearances ended in death. Prosecutors demanded an independent investigation to prosecute those involved in the crimes of unlawful killing.

وكانت السلطات المصرية قالت وقتها إن قوات الأمن قتلت تسعة “Gunmen” During a raid on an apartment in which were present in the city 6 October. لكن المتحدث باسم جماعة الإخوان المسلمين محمد منتصر نفى -في اتصال مع الجزيرة آنذاك- حدوث أي اشتباك مسلح، وأكد أن الضحايا كانوا عزلا.

Said Montasser -almlahakan that killed, among others, thousands of Brotherhood- They were in a meeting on the support the families of the dead and detained members of the group.

Among the parliamentary victims and lawyer Nasser Al-Hafi. Almighty of Egyptian police killed in the incident, lawyers and doctors. Brotherhood said in a statement that the liquidation of its leaders in cold blood “It establishes a new phase can not be with them to control the anger of the oppressed and the oppressed sectors”.

the source : Al Jazeera

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