Oct 2, 2023

Kerry "" Cairo leaves for Qatar to attend the Suez Canal without ceremony

Cairo International Airport authorities raised the degree of readiness to receive the John Kerry, US Secretary of State, on his way to leave Cairo after his arrival in the hours-long visit.

A senior source said he was taken during the visit to the authorities and the Egyptian leadership, including the lack of intent to attend any of the members of the US Congress or the Minister of the United States the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal, which is scheduled to be next Thursday 6 August 2015.

The sources confirmed that “Kerry” Who leaves today heading to the State of Qatar said that US attendance at the opening “The new channel” It will be limited only to the US ambassador in Egypt, Stephen Beecroft, despite sending formal invitations to many countries, including the United States.

The sources added that Kerry received a call from Anne Patterson, US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs and former ambassador to Cairo and now in Qatar got to tell them of new developments on the negotiations conducted with the Muslim Brotherhood residents there and he decided to leave heading to Doha on the spot within hours.


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