Dec 1, 2023

Dr. Izz al-Din writes Komi : Egypt military gift

Old said Herodotus, the Greek historian when he visited Egypt and the intensity of his admiration for her and Bniha and Boadea famously said that Egypt is the gift of the Nile, and this man was a pagan, he can say what he wants, but we do not we have the right to say this word, because the Nile gift from God and the subsequent good The pool may not be accounted for except to God Almighty as he says: (What a blessing it is to you from God), But that made me remember saying after Herodotus heard the word War College Director of Staff Major General Ismat Murad war during the graduation ceremony of a new batch of the Military Academy students saying: The war college students know exactly that they are the future leaders and they are ministers, governors, ambassadors, presidents and managers thanks to the sacrifices and hard work.
I said if Egypt is the gift of the military and not a gift of the Nile, as Herodotus claimed and surprised a lot of word war college director and I asked myself, Is this word spontaneous issued so perhaps it is not intended! It is in a state of euphoria and pride wearing a military uniform with a gang leader coup but soon this still surprised when however that the man reflects the tragic reality experienced by the country since July, the ill-fated coup 1952 And to this day; Valaskar are actually taking hold understanding of presidents, ministers, governors, ambassadors and heads of neighborhoods they are the heads of the boards of holding companies and even major banks, literacy and bodies, buildings and all vital institutions in the country.
Someone new in what it might say if? The new thing is the declaration and the statement from the military and class fascism without shame or shyness. And that the layer is supported by the military from the police, judiciary and media Shamekh corrupt and businessmen to steal money.. They are dealing logic Ahmed ulna and spirited class curriculum, fascism and there is no place for social justice and they are not priorities in their dealings with people.
This outbreak which summarized the word and former justice minister in the government of the coup and who announced the disqualification son garbage collector to be a judge or an agent on behalf of or to operate any decent job, even if it was outstanding.
After the War College Director's remarks came the Prime Minister of the coup miserable statements, which crashed the hopes of young people in a career-governmental qualify for a large position in the future and directing them to work Xaiqa tuk tuk or attend business craft such as carpentry and blacksmithing because government jobs ended.. So he said.

But what really caught my eye during a speech War College director that he did not talk about the real task of the army officers from the Military Academy graduates and they protect the border and stomata and defend the country against any threat to their safety, but graduates demanding that they are a group of mercenaries maintain their interests and their gains against the people, and that the army officers and by July aseptic thought they fit each task but the task of defending the country, as evidenced by the repeated defeats of 56 to me 67 And the withdrawal of the army from its main mission to the pasta industry and the home immediately and cakes, detergents and fattening calves, milk cows, taking advantage of the conscripts in forced labor in factories and farms Army!

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