Dec 4, 2023

Revolution doses for injection illusion .. By: Wael Kandil

Rice may succeed in float system temporarily corrupt, but he does not give a homeland, and made stable, as it is not rice alone adopted homelands, there is no revolution in the world, waiting for a solution, or in support of the people of grants, gifts and aid, and in one word: There is a huge difference between the settlement and the burning of rice revolutions. Crown came the Saudi crown prince, came the American Secretary of State, to give Abdel Fattah al-Sisi more photos and footage, which use fluent in giving cheated in miracles additional doses of the drug, and Veetmelon Atracson and absent for more awareness, before this “Fayyodhat” Pounding from abroad. If you were in front of a scene from the archives of Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian capital, while moderated by the promise of prosperity and well-being, in order to buy their silence on the sin of reconciliation with the Zionist enemy, the occupier of Arab lands. The cross Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi (When it was still Obnaudia), For such a state of national poetry hallucinations, when he wrote: Ahaknha dream.. If it ascertains.. We are who we die opium dream illusion Elly without grease and meat Kelmha for Gayah funds.. And banks and houses and the deserts of Khaddraaaaa Plant a tree and looked in the camera and before the walk.. you die. Imagine an egg holder or Ptbos cow or whale hunt.
This picture painted poetry Abnoudi details, decades ago, what you do Abdel Fattah al-Sisi machine media now no different, as publish video footage by the satellite to the movement of the withdrawal of the billions Stnemr to Egypt, starting from 6 August / August, and monitors the proliferation of channels and the breeding season branching, and frisk ships in the Suez water. To complete the picture, John Kerry comes, pays tribute to the genius of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Electrical) His success in overcoming the blackout crisis, the crisis that did not become a modern people in Egypt, but after the revolution of January, and shed military rule, then American minister stands silent, enjoying swallowing the lies of the Egyptian side on the river democracy which waddling on the land of Egypt, there is no journalists detained , not prison, and killed outside the law, in qualifying and forced disappearance.. Nothing there but war on terror. It was not sponsors of the coup parties, from the outset, more vulnerable, than it is now, is no longer useful or worthwhile to waste time and effort in showing what is between, is it appropriate to examine who promoted solutions to come, inside the rice bags, their physical appearance, and Itbinwa sites their feet, and the feet of the revolutionary movement now.
At this moment, there must be a real sort, in the front anti-coup, and nothing less than to apologize who drugged people and Thbtoa Hmmanm, huge quantities of tranquilizers and deep pain killers, claiming contacts with all parties, and impersonating an alternative that knows the recipe, but he does not want to disclose , or those who were caught practicing warm-up operations on the side of the stadium, between the whole width is not more than “Photoshop” Or game “Play Station”. So the whole it was not only the result that they have been granted Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his regime quieter streets in anger, and committed a section of the rebels their homes, waiting for the arrival of “Santa Clause” In his hand, freedom, democracy and salvation of those who wrested the chanting of throats, and the dream of hearts and hope of eyes. What better make it Mqomo coup at home now is not to pay attention to much of what is going on behind the scenes and mazes of operations “Brokerage anger”, Help the authority of the coup, cool the anger and anesthesia Revolution tablets of rhetoric and promises that are not much different from what he talked about Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi published in the verses above.

according to “Arab New”

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