Dec 9, 2023

Gen. Juma Mukhtar and Interior Minister of Awqaf .. By: Mohammed Abdul Quddus

At the School of the political tyranny selected Friday and Minister of Awqaf and surpassed his teacher Mahmoud Zaqzouq, who took such a ministry for years under Mubarak! I imagine that there is no worse than the Minister Zaqzouq in support of police governance and the nationalization of the mosques and chase every free voice and I was struck by the close cooperation between him and the political security and launched him Interior Minister of Awqaf!
The current minister Mukhtar Juma to outperform the teacher stages! It should carry the title of general internal, In his rhetoric licenses were withdrawn from 12 A preacher and imprisoned hundreds of them, Anyone who dares any note on the general situation is suspended from work.
Were imposed Friday sermon consolidated imposed on all mosques, It is not permissible for a fiancé to talk on the subject determined by the Ministry or subjected to punishment..
And the latest ideas “Gen. Juma “Interior Minister of Awqaf and the establishment of specialized mosques are saving order police there, And there is a Muslim country think of it only the Egyptian Waqf Ministry in General..

And I have great hope that he would one day be punished for his crimes, after which the sun of freedom in my country. I hope to see it soon, Our Lord and large and is capable of everything.

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