Dec 9, 2023

Egyptian artist published a video making fun of Sisi

Publication of the artist Mohammed Attia, through his own location communication Facebook“، video Making fun of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and the new channel project, describing the project is expected to open next Thursday b “Aloforh project”, Also scoffed at the Hachtaj “#Msr_btafrh”, Launched by activists, in celebration of the new channel and commented “Egypt Htalps”، الأمر الذي رفضه العديد من مؤيدى السيسى ، معتبرين ذلك تعدي على رموز الدولة ومحاولة للتقليل من إنجازات السيسي.
Launched “gift”A sharp attack on the new project, saying the Suez Canal: “Frankly km Aloforh Elly Obtained cleared one thing getting out of Hdovernm .. Mesh is in principle a new channel .. Zee ramifications are shunt like that existed before and in the larger ramifications .. And, sir, I am with you they Hfterd 10 قنوات جديدة
Hadechloa 52651764508746997327 Billion dollars per day .. Keda Egypt remained Btafrh ??”.
He added, “علي أساس إنك كمواطن عادي مستفيد من دخل قناة السويس الأساسية ؟؟؟ أو
Beneficiary of any national project or Aref Wlosha Betrouh Fein ?? .. Pasha .. People mesh protective corrosion, the dollar reached the highest price Leh, education, health and unemployment, leading to steeper pitched terrible and Security laments her condition .. Medicine Balash .. Pasha detainees O ?? Freedom is more important than who is eating and drinking ?? Believe me freedom Elly Inta Btzat Ashan de prevent possible by day the crow flies calling omitted for your son or daughter”.
He continued “gift”: “What we will need Bs expand your horizon a little like that with me and Tbes .. Htlaqa Brotherhood and the rebels and remnants in all classes .. I mean, what Inch guarantor thought your son or your daughter .. The only solution to ensure you absolute freedom costume country respected … Egypt Your Excellency for the Htafrh be amended and in freedom and respect for your humanity … Elly logos stage where we are strong de Stinata and do not know what way are the people and eat it with candor”.
He concluded by saying the artist “The Post de Aaozkoa I O Tvkrona Beah violin year O either I Hvkaragoa Bay .. Hncov if the country remained Fein after the new Port Said .. O Lord, get out my mistake .. #Msr_btafrH”.
Egyptian artist published a video making fun of Sisi

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