Mar 4, 2024

Ayman Nour writes: Of Sisi is an alternative?

Not just a striking title, to immobilize the reader's eye, and his curiosity, and perhaps steal!

And not for a review of the courage of asking the question, without equivocation, or alternately.

And not a scoop, not just impose controversial, or imaginary, or default, or the expression of a hostile attitude, but a question worthy of subtraction, and the duty to answer.

No one now, inside Egypt or abroad, (Regionally, or internationally), But asking this question.

“Of Sisi is an alternative?”
The question that has become less-strongly- At the meetings, and discussions- Own- Almost turns into the open circle- After one year, from officially ascend the man, the presidential seat, and after two years of seizure “Real” On the site and the scene.. And no small number of viewers.

Ask a question now of supporters, and supporters, and supporters, Sisi (Before his opponents) It is cured itself about the size of the trick, and shock, that hit the bet awkwardly, or in good faith, a man on a limited experience, the ability, vision, and understanding, and the desire of any true partnership- National, or Akulaimah-.

Recently I told the sissy- I repeat:- ” Tell me with you? I tell you- now- who are you?!

The man who came momentum, and noise- Of his supporters, and opponents- Soon went its luster, and Dgejeh, turned dreams, to illusions, and victories, the defeats, and promises to suffering, and Pat failure is the master of the situation!.

Previous lines- Just- Is to try to abstract, to answer queries project, about the reasons for asking the question now, for an alternative to Sissy?!.. Another question is: You can have this question disregard precedent for legitimacy, or recognition of the legitimacy of the 3/7 track?!

If you answered briefly about the first question is why now?! Leaving a categorical answer is no to the second question about the relationship that question the legitimacy of pre-Sisi, unwavering stand of 3/7 Anqlabaa path as a privilege..

And closing the doors to bid, say: The question was raised as an alternative Sisi, clearly means “His departure”.. Rahila and his departure is not a person, but for the entire stage and its policies, and its logic, which means that the concept of the offense, the return of democracy, and the legitimacy of the revolution, and the right of people to choose, and in the restoration of rights, and recourse.. And all this, in the context of a proper understanding of the people is the owner of legitimacy, who has the right to renew it, or build on it, or choose other, as long as redefined his natural conditions, and democracy, to have the will and empty them in the real funds, without intimidation or cajole, and without monopoly , or exclusion.. Or fraud..

Enter directly to answer the question about alternative Sisi, and figured out that all the possibilities are still open, between scenarios “four”, Some of these scenarios are legitimate wishes of some, rejected by others, may be more popular- Perhaps polarity- Some are more realistic, and keep the moments of crisis management, and the relationship of this out of options, and the ability to national lining up about one scenarios, or a combination of scenario and another, something improbable and strongly.

As for the four scenarios are:-
First : Dr. Morsi return either to complete the duration, or for early elections, or delegated to others.

Second: Take interim civilian president, being early presidential elections within a year, take it to ease the complexities of the political landscape, and human rights and restore the stadium planning, according to the rules of democracy, to achieve a suitable environment, new presidential elections, and transitional justice Nadzh, and the realization of the rule of law, and each benefits the revolution of January.

Thirdly: Take temporary military head, as a transitional phase, according to the same specific agenda, contained in The Second Civil President item.

Fourth: Consensus on military / civilian administration for the transitional period under the national agenda, predetermined, being a national referendum within the framework of political participation and wide, and the University of.

As for the latter scenario V- Valaql likely- Than its predecessors, is to be the alternative Sisi is the head of government or head of the parliament in accordance with the provisions of Article 160 And 161 Of the current Constitution.

This does not mean that none of the previous scenarios can be given unanimous, each solution to the problem and the problems and obstacles, can be besieged, or reduced package of mutual guarantees and assurances.

Perhaps due concessions- If it is painful- That these concessions are equal, and sync, and far from the logic “The victor and the vanquished” !! In a national consensus inclusive framework, maintains the state, and respect the rights and safeguard the freedoms and establishes a stage of national participatory, to cross the Egypt of the dark tunnel, all the way to national reconciliation, between all spectra of the Egyptian people to overcome the effects of years shipping, and polarization, hatred, violence, and terrorism.

Yes, in front of each scenario of the four scenarios, prominent or faint names, can be put up, and perhaps impose some of the same on my mind, and the mind of the reader, and perhaps on the mind of local and regional parties, are all of them have one answer about the non-viability of Sisi, but the answers vary when it comes to to answer the question: Of Sisi is an alternative?

No need to details, everything has become exposed and less, and often rejected.

Some see the military and would!! Is to decide the departure of Sisi, and alternative-Sisi, and the name and draw the next alternative, whether it is unknown from the ranks of the current military junta, or information, his military background, or even civilians, a military hue, or a combination of this and that, provided that accepted by the army, and supported if adopted and proposed.

Some last, sees alternative, comes from the womb of the Mubarak regime, if not from crucifixion!! Taking in the background of the scene Deep state, and the army who did not support him in the previous experience, and has no reason to change position.

Some see another alternative is not “People”, But it is a “case” Consensual, transition, under the national agenda and clear, and is compatible in advance, and crumbling in this scene multiple images, different names, different thereon- Also- Although most of them belonging to the civil stream.

And about four scenarios, other options “Consensual” Sometimes “Tlviqih” Picks up the thread of a scenario, the collected otherwise, in pursuit of access for the least amount of losses for all parties.

On the other hand there are those who seek to block consensus on any alternative to Cisse and lead this team to inform Sisi, who is no longer find anything to defend him about the man, but to distort both could be rivaled, or fit a replacement, whether civilian or military… There are those who do the same thing on the other side.

and at the end… The only correct option is to keep the will of the people, and their choice for the return to them their rights and freedoms, and their revolution by tipping bucket.

And also remains the most important question, searching for alternative Cisse, a: When is it going Sisi?! To look for his replacement?! Perhaps all previous answers for an alternative Sisi presumptive, and the possibility, but to answer the question, we find in word and one-Sisi will leave when above the word national alignment between each revolution partners, everyone is aware of the importance of taking correct positions, at the right time, like the last positions of many of the strong revolutionary, such as national and 6 In April, and the movement of revolutionary socialists.


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