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Our generation trip .. Between rhymes and deserts and in the Diaspora.. By: Ammar El-Beltagy

We are faced with what rhymes with your doctrine” .. Our view was rhymes .. Days ago we spent between verses Wallflowers and spare prose publication .. Smyrna was morning and we wake “Morning” Do not interrupt the purity of sight, but the disruption of weight or meaning without mirth equator and ill-music arrangement disorder; quiet initially was not worthy of the beautiful tranquil Bhqaoh boy; one of them a young man -okan Ekprna about ten years- Whispered to us in the scout camp in the middle of the desert after a barbecue dinner and the hills .. The beginning of the end of the Holocaust was shining .. I asked him later Are we in the combustion or sunshine .. It was hot but he smiled and replied, we'll see !

I do not know not his ticket now perhaps that he was detained for the third time in Egypt remote prisons with a lot of my friends and my relatives and my generation scattered in the prisons of Egypt from Alexandria of the valley, take us between prisons and take us between the squares and spaces before, were open spaces and our efforts are distributed, including the integration of innate wondrous, We fill the schools and mosques, streets and communities active and noisy and energetic, and move around lightly and smoothly between the awareness of the public and culture activities of social and charitable work, from pasting posters, speeches and thoughts and share in makers campaigns and protection for distributing or organizing relief convoys and conferences solidarity with the wounds of our nation's cavernous union Bags aid in events Open .
We did not feel Botih State too much, the state is present in the background we sometimes afraid of that unknown monster supervisor silently for all what is going on but we did not clash with it a lot in the beginning, later expanded image and phrase Vakchwna that the beast lurks us circuit is us surprises that have not heard of our ancestors From before .. Were all lurk in wait for favorable opportunity !
When blogging opened its doors Tlagafnaha quickly and Sudna Pages “Alpluzrz” And “Alordbers” And when it began to forums we were participants even pulled the rug social networks from under all that we used were also present and interacting, take us between forms of intellectual and cultural activity Vhoudrna Alsallonatwaldorat, programs and participated in initiatives Moec and vigilance, knowledge and rings philosophy and lessons legitimacy and training programs wealthy .. And also it takes us lightly between events before they lost weight and rhymes in spaces FIAFI political change and impeding the weight and disturbed phrase meaning Vttoh !

We traveled and engaged in a dialogue and dream of change, and has been the state Pharaonic old lurking us did not feel so often even though it was rearing its ugly head at every opportunity without appropriate, when it crumbled demonstrations in front of journalists, lawyers, doctors, trade unions and Al-Azhar and the center of the country was Crone looking at us from the window watching what we will do and angling Salvation opportunities, was burning enthusiasm and energy enough for the reconstruction of the planet twice and torn down time between them if necessary .. When it authorized the spring we were with him on the waiting time and do it and we hope that picking the fruits of the good following him, Sahbna spring breezes and Tnsmonaha and lived in squares and streets and squares, as in the hearts and souls and the bodies ! Left the field we have not seen if we appreciate or Antapah eagerly awaited, whether in the heart of Cairo or yards Tunisia, Yemen, and the desert of Libya, Iraq, next to the walls in Homs and Aleppo, and we hope that a group of families of Aleppo and Cairo to the walls of Jerusalem and the minarets of Acre, Hebron, Nazareth !

Sahbna weights and rhymes to Rayaheen spring and starlets deserts, we Vtaaqubt four seasons .. Oslmtna breezes and the soft spring to autumn hurricanes and thundering Ohrguetna to data after a sudden summer and bitter cold of winter and the cold breath .. It widened and narrowed the meaning of the phrase and true idea and I went and got lost ecstasy Rhyme !

You can FIAFI be welcome and be quieter cells or fewer and worse and be lighter intensity of the Holocaust and our lives be less severe! .. We complete our study and our sponsor and our concerns and our talents and achieve our aspirations and our hopes and we hold our brothers and our friends on the shoulders in their joys, rather than on the shoulders Nodahm good to their graves .. Insecure and scared .. Paquin and with encouragement .. It was being imprisoned can be the most beautiful and magnificent walls of Istanbul which embraced each be extended to the walls of Jerusalem, Aleppo, Cairo Vtdm time and place for the human to human, but loneliness we brought in our hearts whether we are being imprisoned in the home or being imprisoned abroad .. Vqdtna our homelands under its soil or above and between the narrow walls or wide Ozltna skies Immigration and Tinat .. But the session, which began unfinished, and our generation who has not broken yet, take a second chance to continue and renewal, tired and our souls that tasted combustion and radiance and known liver prosperity of both types and severity did not reach after Mstqrha .. It is still a sequel to the story and the meaning of the phrase and the rest of the room .. The road is still long and we are the sons of rhymes and deserts and in the Diaspora .. Not even inform Nberh .. And we will stay until we eliminate eras of the day and night Ataaqubon we punish chapters and meanings and victories and fractures .. Ventkhz our way in the sea until we reach a painful or Bahrain or complex Nrtd on monuments stories !

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