Mar 4, 2024

Orabi verses: Salman standing with Bashar on a pile of skulls Muslims

Orabi Press writer verses written across her profile location mini-blogging Facebook:

In the past month, I received Crown Crown, Syrian intelligence chief Ali Mamlouk offender.

Salman of Saudi Arabia opportunity came on a plate to stand next to the right and fit ElkHeir committed by the offender is buried Abdullah, but he refused, but that puts his hand in the hand of the Ripper criminal Bashar and his regime.

Reception just eated criminal criminality Whoever sheds the blood of a serial killer such as so-called Ali Mamlouk is in itself approval on what gang thugs committed against our people in Syria, He signed a contract selling the blood of more than a quarter of a million martyrs and the millions of Syrian refugees.

Salman stands with the criminal Bashar, Now on a pile of skulls of the Muslims in Syria, I can not see the scene, but this way.



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