Feb 22, 2024

What if Naguib Sorour was among us? .. By: Wael Kandil

A group of young, unknown, Nhchehem fact Babch and Amacolh, they fled to the desert of cynicism, chose Mexico to establish them “Pyramids” New. The idea seems a parody of the new drama Suez Canal.

Electronic newspaper, apparently designed seriousness, a traditional tab, suggests that behind me in front of the window newsworthy sober, even discovers in the end that at the heart of which are no less farcical craziest reality. The quality of the published material:

Endowments: And the adoption of a ministerial decision Murtaza Mansour, an imam and preacher for a year.

Separately pictures: American failed attempt to blow up the new Suez Canal.

After digging a new channel Suisse: Egypt looking display the old Suez Canal for sale.

Major General Aa'ati: Brotherhood Bulkipth disrupted AIDS treatment and warn them of the kidnapped and try again

Presidency of the Republic to prevent the opening of any place of cane juice or Luxury until the completion of the opening celebrations of the channel.

Titles surprise that, on Abuthaitha and snorts with derision, many of them are treated as real news, without distinction between the academics and signed their eyes on this scattered material on social networking sites, ordinary and simple, quick reading of the public.

It is true that the gravity of the design, and the use of “Pyramids” Sign famous, his role in the manufacture of this confusion, however, that the witness in question that the distance between the Egyptian reality and irony “Comics”, Express or toddler youth in Egypt “Kalsh”, Has become zero, as this is no different winged imagination of young people cynical about Egyptian officials in the authority of the coup's remarks, and in particular on the subject of the Suez Canal project, and the accompanying manifestations of the President of the Canal Authority, Major General Mohab Mamish.

Is there a difference between that John Kerry is said to be State of the United States Secretary of State tried to blow up the process of implementation of the new channel and say that the Egyptian navy captured the US Sixth Fleet, off the Egyptian coast commander?

Purim of the news published on the site says: “In a move seen by observers as commensurate with the importance of the event, it was chosen by the Suez Canal Authority Mona Beheiri, to address women of Egypt in the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal”. And Ms. listed are already invited her Dubai forum for the media in the last year, to represent Egyptian women, after they watched everybody all the guest of the Egyptian satellite new model of patriotism, at the time of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, based on the famous English poorly worded to Sihtha “Chat August Lior Obama Mouse”What strange to be represented Egyptian women at the party?

The absurd flourishes whenever jammed human society in a moral and existential dilemmas. Began as Dim in France, following the first world war and its catastrophic effects, then with the second war, a burst of pointless and absurd in literature and theatre, still continuing, fifties of last century, burn Theatre tampering, the world knew the names: Eugene UNESCO, Samuel Beckett, and Arthur Adamov, and Harold Pinter, in parallel with the recovery of the existential philosophy with Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus.

In Egypt, the features of the absurd appeared in some of the Tawfiq al-Hakim and Salah Abdel Sabour, but the embodiment of the clearest and Alovdh existential crisis, after a setback in June 1967 It was the voice of the poet and playwright of the late Naguib Sorour, forbidden by his office, which was traded in secret, written and heard, in the seventies of the last century and Osmaninyate, even became available to everyone now with the electronic revolution.

Some bilateral rebellious acts of Ahmed Fouad Negm and Sheikh Imam also included the absurd cynical self, facing the reality of more absurd, including the famous poem sung”Multi beans and weft” Launched by the duo with the intensification of meat crisis, even eluded the poor and middle course, and where:

On the subject of beans and meat, said an official source said

That medicine I and Dr Mohsen Bicol

The Egyptian people, especially from his ykorksh bean

Then the Dr Mohsen weft de cm firm

It shall be to respond to Dr. Mohsen at the end of the song:

Sibona with meat, and Lantau live eat beans

What do you think, O Captain Mohsen mesh disclosure reasonable words

Returning to the subject “Mexican pyramids”, Puts Msdroha small phrase, almost can not see, you know it “Satirical newspaper, but the truth and reality even more ridiculous”.

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