Mar 4, 2024

Aisha Shater writes: Goods and between my father and the Suez Canal.. Military thieves

Aisha confirmed Shater, dignified leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the inability of the leadership of the military coup on the management Goods “Increase”, And captured by the coup government of her father, saying that “God does not fit the work of spoilers”.
Shater said via Facebook:

Increased between shops and the Suez Canal
Goods soldiers stole my father's supermarket chain increased #
Also they stole his companies and his business
And we went out to the Commission official reservation funds Brotherhood since more than four months talking about the budget deficit after receipt of the company
In a frank declaration and recognition of them for stealing her
و من بعدها حتي اليوم كل فترة امر علي أكثر من فرع لـ زاد جده قد أُغلق نهائياً !!!!
في نفس الوقت الذي وصلتني فيه اكثر من رسالة من بعض مديري اكثر من فرع بزاد يعملون بيه حاليا و لا اعرفهم
They start talking apologizing for continuing to work despite the theft of government to our stores and not for the family engagements and placed the standard of living and lack of employment opportunities for the other remained in their work
Sends more than one branch of the works by the same content that stores lose and management believes that without any action
و اليوم يخرج علينا الهاشتاج هذه الأيام متباهي بمشروعه المسروق من مشروع كان صاحب فكرته الدكتور مرسي
And which it has not been implemented image which was bring a lot of benefits to Egypt as the project was submitted era Dr. Morsi
They did not realize that God will not fit the work of spoilers
As my father stole shops and flipped it to him and curse
Vsergha and although this did not and will not enjoy the best Boukerha or other
So too it will be the case through the Suez Canal and other
And everything and they stole everything that came on the blood of the innocent and rape of rights
Egypt Ptsrkh


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