Feb 26, 2024

Pulse cells .. Our people skeletons !!

He wrote one of the families of the detainees in military prisons across her profile Pfispock describing the health status of the detainees, where confirmed the case of extreme weakness that they have suffered bone until they became Kalheiakl .. It came in the following Tdwintha:

People before the intervention of the visit was her psychologically sweet and Ptdg… After what came out of the visit and Bieitoa Mkosheran

الحمدلله محدش خارج من الزياره مش بيعيط من منظر اهلنا

Thankfully the visit Mkmmelth 3 Dqaig… In people visited the wrong Bs…

Praise be to Allah Mavi Haga entered sincere

In 5 Atmanawa the families of the visit Ashan in discipline and Haeetmnawa month ( De p grounds that the visit was originally open)

الحمدلله اهالينا هياكل عظميه

الحمد لله المعتقلين هدومهم مش نضيفه خالص و شعرهم طويل وحالتهم صعبه

Thank God my father we have received from the first light his hair (Signed of weakness and lack of eating) و دقنه طويله جدااا و خاسس اكتر من اخر مره

Thankfully people parked in the queue from dawn Ashan enter 3 Dqaig Bs

Thank God we Hovenahm Bs

People de Btamot slow…

God is enough, and yes, the agent
‫#‏God help us

Oh God, I Mglopon Vantsr

Matnsuc Egypt Btafrh


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