Feb 21, 2024

Video.. Saudi Ambassador rebukes " structure" Expected after the fall of the Saudi regime

استنكر سفير المملكة العربية السعودية، أحمد قطان، تصريحات الكاتب الصحفي محمد حسنين هيكل الذي توقّع فيها سقوط النظام السعودي الحالي.

Kattan face and biting phrases for”structure” During a phone call with media Lubna honey, in the program “Life Today”, Broadcast on the channel “Life”, Saying,: “Egyptian-Saudi relations will remain strong and coherent despite the nose, and the UK will remain until God inherits the earth and them, in spite of your nose”.

The structure has attacked the Saudi regime, and predicted its demise as the Arab regimes description Palmtkhalafh.

Structure and he said that there is no Arab coalition that could replace Egypt in the role that can be played, and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states to behave in a way backward.

He added, in his interview to the newspaper “Ambassador” Bannanah: “I doubt very much that goes beyond Saudi Arabia crisis, but I do not know how it will end and how it evolves crisis, King Salman not present enough, and a generation of young arrogant and take them arrogance of power, and order the Saudi non-viable, the alternatives do not alternatives, and no one has the authority to that the alternative, and there is a real problem, and this is what keeps Arabia”.


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